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Luis Miguel had dinner with his girlfriend Paloma Cuevas at a Lima restaurant and when he left he greeted Peruvian fans

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Luis Miguel had dinner with his girlfriend Paloma Cuevas at a Lima restaurant and when he left he greeted Peruvian fans

Luis Miguel was caught leaving a Lima restaurant with his girlfriend and greeted Peruvian fans. TikTok.

Luis Miguel, after offering two unforgettable concerts last Saturday, February 24 and Sunday, February 25 at the National Stadium in Lima, enjoyed Peruvian cuisine, which is why he did not hesitate to go to the Italian restaurant ‘La Cantina Epicuro’ in Miraflores.

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In addition, he was accompanied by his girlfriend Paloma Cuevas, who arrived in Lima on February 26 and for that reason they went to eat the delicacies of the restaurant specializing in pasta and wine. They were with some friends for three hours at the food place.

According to several videos that circulated on TikTok, Luis Miguel left the Miraflores restaurant, wearing an ivory suit, black pants and holding the hand of his Spanish girlfriend, who looked very comfortable in a beautiful long dress.

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Upon leaving, the ‘Sol de México’ did not hesitate to greet his fans who arrived at the prestigious restaurant. The singer took a few minutes to greet them and then got into the armored truck with tinted windows that the production company hired for his stay in Peru.

Luis Miguel was caught leaving a Lima restaurant with his girlfriend Paloma and greeted Peruvian fans. TikTok.

Even a group of women who had access to the Italian restaurant were able to capture him dancing at the end of their dinner on the night of February 26. It is known that the next day he took his flight to Chile for his concert on Friday, March 1.

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For her part, her daughter Michelle Salas, who is also in Lima, shared on her social networks what the experience of dining at Maido was like, the prestigious restaurant of chef Mitsuharu Micha Tsumura, better known as ‘Micha’.

“Perfection in a bite,” “They explain to me the beauty of this table,” were some of the messages that the Mexican wrote in the photos she took of the dishes she was served at ‘Maído’.

‘Maido’ is a high-end contemporary restaurant that offers local cuisine with a Japanese touch. In addition, it is rated as the best in Latin America according to the jury of the Latin America 50 Best Restaurants.

Michelle Salas, daughter of Luis Miguel, visited Maido restaurant in Lima. Instagram.

Luis Miguel had an emotional meeting with his fervent fans who were waiting for him outside the National Stadium on the day of his first show in Lima.

The ‘La Bikina’ singer was leaving the José Díaz colossus when he decided to surprise his fans and got out of his vehicle to approach his followers and shake hands, take photos and sign autographs.

The gesture of the acclaimed singer, who rarely exposes himself in this way, generated an effusive response from Peruvian fans. Several videos circulated on TikTok, where the unexpected meeting between the Mexican singer and his fans who did not lose hope in seeing him up close was revealed.

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Luis Miguel’s concerts in Lima, part of his “Luis Miguel Tour 2024″, have been the center of attention in the Peruvian music scene. The capacity of the Latin American icon to attract people has been evident not only in the massive attendance at his presentations, but also in the effusive response and gratitude expressed by his followers, who valued this unexpected gesture as a unique and unforgettable experience.

Luis Miguel and his gesture with the Peruvian fans | Instagram/@GermanLoero

Luis Miguel held two concerts last weekend and the National Superintendency of Customs and Tax Administration (Sunat) carried out an inspection of the food and beverage sales establishments that operated at the two shows.

After the inspections carried out at the 36 food and drink stands in operation within the National Stadium, a total collection of 792,157.40 soles was reported. Sales of beverages and liquor reached a sum of 639,167.30 soles; On the other hand, establishments specializing in hamburgers and chorizos contributed 119,564.10 soles.

Regarding income from the sale of promotional items, these rose to 33,426 soles. These actions, called Initial Verification of Compliance with Tax Obligations (VICOT), facilitate the estimation of the total sales made, which in turn makes it possible to confirm the income that the inspected taxpayers must report. It is important to highlight that this type of reviews is carried out in large-scale events organized throughout Peruvian territory.

Luis Miguel put on an amazing show at the National Stadium in Peru. – Credit: Diffusion.

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