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Lukaku-Vlahovic: Chelsea-Juve exchange, it is

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Lukaku-Vlahovic: Chelsea-Juve exchange, it is

It’s about the balance money. The Blues think about the arrival of the Serbian to solve the problem Romelu, Max’s dream

Round and round, Chelsea and Juventus are back to square one. The idea of ​​early summer – that is to set up an exchange between Dusan Vlahovic and Romelu Lukaku – is in fashion again. Contacts on the London-Turin axis have been reactivated and, according to what filters from England, the Blues have begun to seriously and concretely evaluate the possibility of giving coach Mauricio Pochettino another striker after the purchase of Nicolas Jackson from Villarreal. The candidacy of Juve’s Serbian centre-forward, which has been taken into consideration for months with ups and downs, is reported to have risen sharply in the last few hours and this is confirmed by the reopened talks with the Juventus managers.

The technical reasons are intertwined with the economic ones. Chelsea have two needs: to reinforce the attack and resolve the Lukaku problem. Big Rom has significant costs (12 million net salary) and lives separately at home in Stamford Bridge. But above all, despite the pharaonic offers from Saudi Arabia and the break with Inter, the Belgian is determined to stay in Italy and join Massimiliano Allegri’s Juve, the main sponsor of the operation.

who earns?

“I wouldn’t give up a 23-year-old striker like Dusan for a 30-year-old like Romelu. Vlahovic will become stronger than Lukaku,” Cesare Prandelli told Gazzetta in recent days. And the former Italy coach, master of DV9 in Florence, is not the only one to harbor doubts about the possible exchange between a 9 in the take-off phase and one who is about to sign the last contract of his career with a top club . From Allegri’s point of view, who always sees Inter as his main rival for the Scudetto and has the priority of returning to success after two seasons of zero titles, giving away Lukaku would mean strengthening himself by weakening the Nerazzurri, who have already left the scene for the Belgian. But the discussion is broader, not just technical. If manager Cristiano Giuntoli and sporting director Giovanni Manna are complying with their coach’s wishes, it is also (and above all) for economic reasons. Buying Lukaku by selling Vlahovic to Chelsea could become the best – if not the only – way to monetize the Serbian and give an initial adjustment to the accounts. Because being a 30-year-old nine (Lukaku) and a 23-year-old (Vlahovic) the two clubs are not thinking about a simple barter. The starting point of the deal is Lukaku and money for Vlahovic. The cash settlement is not a detail. In fact, for Juve it would be an important shot in the arm for the budgets, considered as a priority at least as much as the results.

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the adjustment

Giuntoli, barring changes in plans, could follow the negotiations with Chelsea from Italy by postponing the trip to London for a few days. The speeches are advanced, but not yet concluded. Everything revolves around the balance. Juve would like to collect 40-50 million net of the exchange between the two. While Chelsea started from lower numbers. There is now a gap between supply and demand. A compromise, however, is far more than possible. If Lukaku is a problem for the Blues, Vlahovic would be a sacrifice in the name of the Bianconeri’s budget. Seen through the eyes of the two clubs, the exchange of favors would be mutual. Because if Big Rom is separated at home at Stamford Bridge, DV9 hasn’t returned from his best season (14 goals in 42 games) also due to the hangover from his groin that is slowing his take-off in the current pre-season. The former Fiorentina player, paid to the Viola almost 80 million a year and a half ago, would not have played the first test in the USA, canceled due to the intestinal virus that struck Barcelona, ​​missed the friendly match against Milan and, barring miracles , will not take part in tomorrow night’s match against Real Madrid in Orlando (1.30 am Italian time). Vlahovic has the start of the championship in his sights. Serie A or Premier will depend on how the negotiation between Juve and Chelsea ends.

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