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Luma de Oliveira reacts to criticism of her son Thor’s appearance

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Luma de Oliveira reacts to criticism of her son Thor’s appearance

Actress Luma de Oliveira spoke out in the early hours of this Tuesday (27), after some criticisms of the appearance of his eldest son, Thor Batista, came to light.

In an Instagram post, Luma wrote: “Yesterday, my firstborn was harshly criticized in the media for not having the standard appearance made in some offices that leave faces properly inflated, as is considered beautiful today. So the person thinks they have become younger, in my opinion, they only have a single expression when they are happy, sad, excited or disappointed”.

Criticizing aesthetic procedures in general, she continued: “Just to remember that there are still people like me, who prefer marks around the eyes, but which allow expression in their eyes. Who is satisfied with red lipstick and doesn’t want to have her teeth like piano keyboards adjusted to the millimeter. With eyebrows that could be better, in fact the whole face could be better, but that would take me a lot further away from myself.”

Luma de Oliveira spoke out on social networks after Thor Batista was criticized for his appearance / Reproduction/Instagram

Thor’s appearance at age 32 shocked the web this Monday (26), after appearing in a photo with gray hair, baldness and expression marks on the face. In the photo, the businessman was next to his wife, model Lunara Campos, and their newborn son.

O Luma’s son with businessman Eike Batista He was known for spending large amounts of money in his youth, but in the last week he attracted attention for appearing to have aged very quickly.

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On X, the old Twitter, some people shared the images and even made comparisons with older photos.

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