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M1 Abrams, what US tanks are and why they are important for Ukraine

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M1 Abrams, what US tanks are and why they are important for Ukraine

The Biden administration is preparing to give the green light to send a “significant number” of tanks Abrams M1 in Kiev and the announcement could be made as early as this week. This was reported by US administration sources quoted by the Wall Street Journal. The announcement would be part of a broader diplomatic deal with Germany, in which Berlin would agree to send Ukraine a smaller number of its Leopoard 2 tanks, while also giving Poland and other nations approval for the sending their own German-made Leopard tanks.

The importance of the Abrams M1
The news represents a small turning point, since unlock one previously stalemate situation. In recent days, in fact, the Germania to authorize various countries to send tanks Leopard of its production, he had made a condition that the United States also send modern tanks. The German reasoning and the perplexities expressed revolved around the theme of Germany’s past. Indeed, in recent years the country has developed policies with a greater inclination and sensitivity towards pacifism, but above all, considering that Russia has been speaking for some time of “Nazism” with regard to the Ukraine, the fear repeatedly expressed was of worsening the situation, favoring a distorted idea and ultimately also putting German citizens in some danger.
From them, the United States were initially not in favor of sending the Abramsas requested by Germany, because the Ukrainians are used to using Russian-made tanks, while the Abrams have a very different conception, “they have a jet engine” and are considered unmanageable and difficult to maintain unless one has been trained specifically, which of course takes time.

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In Ukraine it’s time for war between heavy tanks, the challenge for victory is between the ultra-modern Leopard and the invincible T-90


The technical sheet
used in the first gulf warin Afghanistan e in Iraq, the Abrams tanks, which the United States is preparing to send to Ukraine, are the spearhead of US armored vehicles, perhaps the most powerful in the world, capable of withstanding nuclear, biological and chemical attacks. Called MBT (Main battle tank), the first version (M1) was produced in 1978 by Chrysler Defense, now General Dynamics Land Systems, and takes its name from General Creighton Abrams who led American troops in the Vietnam War from 1968 to 1972 They entered service in 1980 and in 1985 production of the M1A1 began, followed by a new generation, the M1A2. Last month, then, the manufacturing company launched the latest model, called AbramsX.
Except for the last two, it is not yet clear which version the Pentagon will decide to send to Kiev, whether the oldest version of tanks or the most up-to-date one. Weighing 62 tons, the M1A1s are equipped with direct jet engines and equipped with a 120mm cannon, capable of destroying a building almost four kilometers away, and reach a speed of 70km per hour.

The AbramsX tank has been unveiled: the new silent and lethal US war machine that could annihilate all opponents


They have armor made of depleted uranium to prevent the penetration of Heat (High-explosive anti-tank) projectiles, a high explosive designed specifically to destroy tanks. Above all, the Abrams they are designed to withstand nuclear, biological and chemical attacks. Strategically they allow mobility and agility in land operations otherwise impossible. With their intervention, in fact, the soldiers can count on practically immediate cover operations, without having to wait for the use of planes for the consequent bombardments requested from the ground on the areas and targets considered to be at risk.
M1A1s made their battle debut in 1991, during the first Gulf War. They were then used by US forces in Afghanistan and Iraq. The US Army currently has approximately 4,400 Abrams, while the Navy has 400. The US has also created an export version of the tanks which is currently used in Egypt, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Australia and in Iraq. Iraqi forces have deployed the tanks to fight ISIS, while the Saudis have used them in the civil war in Yemen.

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