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Macrodrainage works begin on Rua do Porto

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Macrodrainage works begin on Rua do Porto

There are sections with total and partial closures at the intersection of Rua Silva and Avenida Marcos Konder

Interventions to carry out the macro-drainage of Rua do Porto began on the morning of this Wednesday (17th). The professionals started work at the intersection between Rua Silva and Avenida Marcos Konder, heading towards Porto. This first stage is expected to be completed by the beginning of next week.

After this stage, a total blockade will be made only on this section of Avenida Marcos Konder, heading towards Porto towards the Center. Drivers are advised to be careful when traveling on these roads and look for alternative routes. After this crossing there will be no further traffic interruptions. The work will be concentrated on the construction of the new street and the flow of vehicles will continue normally.

About Rua do Porto

The new road will be approximately one kilometer long and 30 meters wide. Macro-drainage works, public lighting, afforestation, cycle paths and three lanes in each direction will be carried out along this route, one of which will be an exclusive corridor for buses.

Furthermore, with the connection between avenues Marcos Konder, in the center of Itajaí, and Irineu Bornhausen (Caninana), in São João, the work will improve urban mobility, as well as provide more security for the population.

Rua do Porto will be a new route for entering and leaving the city center towards BR-101 and also towards the Barra do Rio, Cordeiros, Salseiros and Espinheiros neighborhoods. Furthermore, the Port area could be doubled and, consequently, the retroport storage area could have its capacity tripled. In total, R$ 22,316,368.98 will be invested with resources from financing with Banco Fonplata.

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Changes to public transport

Due to total and partial closures at the intersection of Rua Silva and Avenida Marcos Konder, public transport will have temporary changes to some routes. Lines T1A (Fazenda/Cordeiros) and T1B (Fazenda/Santa Regina) will run from Rua Silva towards Rua Heitor Liberato, with a right turn onto Rua Benjamin Franklin Pereira towards Rua Blumenau, returning to the normal route. At this time, these lines will no longer serve the bus stop in front of Izabel Ramos Fabeni Street.

The return of lines T1A (Cordeiros/Fazenda), T1B (Santa Regina/Fazenda), T2A (Rio Bonito/Fazenda) and T2B (Cidade Nova/Fazenda) will follow Avenida Irineu Bornhausen with a right turn onto Rua Tijucas. Then, the lines will go around the Main Church and complete the return to Avenida Marcos Konder through Rua Rubens de Almeida. The stop in front of Fort Atacadista will no longer be served during these changes in traffic.

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