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Macron and that photo with the open shirt: who is the photographer Soazig

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Macron and that photo with the open shirt: who is the photographer Soazig

PARIS – The image of Emmanuel Macron in a white shirt and hairy chest after the Marseille rally? And she. The head of state with a Zelensky beard and military sweatshirt? Always her. Soazig de la Moissonière is the mirror of the French leader. The forty-year-old Breton is considered by the media to be a kind of Pete Souza, the man who with his shots managed to create a cool image of Barack Obama by following him during his two terms as president of the United States.

She came to his side when he was an almost unknown Minister of Economy and has never left him since, becoming the official photographer of the Elysée since 2017. At the time she explained: “Macron never set limits to my work, I was very free from the beginning in accessing the campaign backstage”. The work of Macron’s personal photographer, relaunched on her Instagram account, participated in the narration of a young, dynamic president, and of the atypical couple with Brigitte, her former professor twenty years older than him. Many images of the political backstage portray the leader with his wife always by his side, exhibiting a strong complicity.

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, his are the shots that portray the President of the Republic worried during the phone calls with Vladimir Putin and other European leaders, which have also become bases for online memes. And those who show Macron in a sweatshirt and jeans in his office and with an unkempt beard are also his, defined by the French media as a move in view of the vote to be seen confident but also tired from too much work.

For a month, he has taken a part-time job in his contract at the Elysée, and is dedicating himself to the electoral campaign. Last Saturday he was with the president-candidate in Marseille, in the fiefdom of Jean-Luc Mélenchon, where Macron went to launch proposals on ecology to persuade left-wing voters to vote for him. In telling the behind the scenes of the rally, he portrayed the head of state with an open white shirt over a hairy chest, slouching on a leather sofa. “He It was very hot in Marseille, as you can see,” Macron joked a few days later, perhaps surprised by the reactions on social media. The president-candidate admitted that the photos had been authorized but then added: “Maybe I went a little fast on this one.”

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