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Madrid, Goya al Prado attacked. Van Gogh salvo returns to the exhibition

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Madrid, Goya al Prado attacked.  Van Gogh salvo returns to the exhibition

Today’s appraisal confirmed this and so tomorrow, Sunday 6 November, the painting with the farmer who sows seeds in the countryside with those yellows that the genius who painted it in Arles in 1888 so loved, can return to make a good show of itself. in the exhibition which is among the events of the year.

«Vincent van Gogh’s sower was found to be intact after soup was thrown by climate change activists yesterday in Rome. The frame has suffered minor damage. After a careful on-site investigation by a museum curator, Il sower exhibited at Palazzo Bonaparte on loan from the Kröller-Müller Museum will be able to be exhibited again to the public tomorrow, “said Otterlo’s Kröller-Müller, who houses a of the greatest patrimonies of Van Gogh’s works and from which Il Sower and the other fifty works visible in Rome come from.

«We learn that the president Giorgia Meloni is strongly indignant for a dirty glass in a museum and not for the effects of the climatic collapse, which are dramatically real in the country. Ours is not vandalism, but the cry of alarm of desperate citizens who do not resign themselves to the destruction of the planet and, with it, of their own lives, ”said activists who refuse to be defined as environmentalists in a statement.

At Palazzo Bonaparte the damage was avoided thanks to the systems that made the gesture effective in the media but without consequences for art. As told to Ansa by the president of Arthemisia Iole Siena, “given the numerous and recent attacks on the international artistic heritage by some environmental associations, Arthemisia in agreement with the Kröller-Müller Museum and the Police, had already established a security protocol and enhanced the same inside the exhibition space by increasing entry controls ».

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This is why Arthemisia specifies the events of yesterday 4 November: «At 12.00 four young girls entered the exhibition separately, purchasing a regular entrance ticket. They did not have bags or backpacks, because the security protocol adopted provides for the mandatory deposit of all bulky containers. The girls “camouflaged” themselves in a group that was carrying out the guided tour of the exhibition, and once in front of the painting they suddenly pulled out two small jars containing the vegetable soup from under their clothes and threw it towards the painting. There was no damage – underlines the cultural organization – both because the quantity of liquid, thanks to the safety measures adopted, was minimal, and because the picture was protected by a glass. The painting has therefore not suffered any damage also thanks to the timely implementation of the security protocol and the consequent intervention of the Police who have thus allowed a rapid removal of the work from its location for the necessary checks and surveys of the state of conservation in a designated place “.

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