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Maduro faces a litmus test before the world with elections, warns Boric – El Nacional

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Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro is facing a crucial test in the eyes of the world with the upcoming elections, according to Chilean President Gabriel Boric. In a statement to Diario Las Americas, Boric warned that Maduro’s actions will be closely scrutinized by the international community.

Ambassador Jaime Gazmuri, a representative of Chile, recently met with the Foreign Relations Commission to discuss the situation in Venezuela. The discussion, which took place behind closed doors, focused on various pressing issues including the Ojeda case.

Gazmuri emphasized the importance of transparency and accountability in addressing the current political situation in Venezuela. He called on Maduro to respond to queries from the commission and to provide a clear and honest account of the country’s electoral process.

As the world waits to see how Maduro will navigate the upcoming elections, the pressure is on for the Venezuelan leader to demonstrate a commitment to democratic principles and fair governance. The outcome of the elections will undoubtedly have far-reaching implications for Venezuela and its standing on the global stage.

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