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Magnetic anomaly in Brazil continues to develop, says US authorities report

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Magnetic anomaly in Brazil continues to develop, says US authorities report

The magnetic anomaly within the South Atlantic Ocean, within the space that features the south and southeast of Brazil, is rising, in response to knowledge from the most recent report revealed this yr by the United States authorities.

The South Atlantic Magnetic Anomaly (AMAS), monitored by a number of worldwide authorities companies that create the World Magnetic Model (WMM), is positioned within the South Atlantic the place the so-called magnetosphere, which surrounds our planet, is weaker.

“The anomaly is deepening and transferring westward and has elevated by about 5% over this era. This contour corresponds to the area the place radiation harm to satellites is feasible,” the authors stated within the report.

The research’s knowledge was in comparison with that collected in 2019 by the European Space Agency (ESA) and its Swarm satellites and concluded that the present fashions are nonetheless correct.

The info gathered additionally elaborated that anomalies could cause varied results, from potential harm to satellites resulting from extreme radiation, to blocking the propagation of radio waves.

Due to the expansion of AMAS in relation to its proximity to South America, there was a weakening of the Earth’s magnetic defend on this area, particularly within the South and Southeast of Brazil, as much as a distance that extends to Africa.

The magnetosphere repels undesirable vitality that’s dangerous to life on Earth, conserving most of it at a secure distance from the Earth’s floor in donut-shaped areas referred to as the Van Allen belts.

Interest of Agencies

AMAS is employed by house companies such because the European Space Agency (ESA) and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and lately by Brazil, which launched the NanosatC-BR2 nanosatellite into house for this mission.

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“Space companies have an interest on this irregularity, as a result of since this area has a weak area, particles of the photo voltaic wind simply enter this area, the stream of charged particles passing via that area could be very sturdy”, defined the physician. Researcher on the National Observatory, Marcel Nogueira.

Another impact we already perceive is the operation of satellites in earth’s orbit. When they go via a area with low background shielding, they could endure harm attributable to the stream of cosmic rays.

“This implies that when the satellites go via this area, they generally have to attend, flip off some elements for some time to keep away from dropping the satellite tv for pc or any gear that might burn.”, concludes the evaluation.

In addition to NanosatC-BR2, launched in house in collaboration with the Russian house company, in Brazil there are additionally two magnetic observatories, Vassouras, Rio de Janeiro, and Tatuoca, within the Amazon area, centered on answering key questions on this anomaly.

“In our each day lives we’re very depending on expertise, any sort of blackout within the electrical energy system, in any nation, causes the lack of tens of millions or billions of {dollars}. It is a very powerful factor in our technological life right this moment.”, stated the researcher.

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