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man in the legs at Don Bosco

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man in the legs at Don Bosco

Shooting continues in Rome. The day after the wounding of 50-year-old Luciano Marsella, shot in the buttock during a dispute in via Ostuni, in Quarticciolo, another ambush took place in via Chiovenda, in the Don Bosco area, on Saturday evening. A 44-year-old man was shot in the knees, hit by three bullets as he was walking on the street.

The reports to 112 arrived just before 10 pm from some citizens who heard the shots. Several police cars intervened on the spot, who found the man lying on the ground in a pool of blood. Immediately aided, he was taken to the Tor Vergata Polyclinic and underwent surgery: his life would not be in danger, but he is kept under close observation.

In via Chiovenda, meanwhile, the investigators of the mobile team and the forensics team have arrived. As mentioned, there were three shots fired, all aimed at the legs: the goal was to strike the legs, there are few doubts about it, and the investigations are focusing on the victim’s past and any links with criminal organizations. Especially in light of the precedents.

The precedents: the ambush at Quarticciolo and the Quadraro murders

For months, in fact, the eastern quadrant of the capital has been the scene of bloody news events, and as mentioned only the evening before in via Ostuni, a few kilometers away from via Chiovenda, Luciano Marsella, 50, was wounded in the buttock by a gunshot fired during what, for the investigators, may have been a settling of scores for the control of the drug dealing square.

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Going back in time, it was March 12 when Luigi Finizio, 51, was shot and killed while refueling at a service station in Quadraro, in via dei Ciceri, on the corner with via degli Angeli. Already known to the police for his drug record, he had a significant relationship: his cousin is Girolamo Finizio, companion of the sister of the wife of Angelo Senese, boss who in turn is the brother of Michele, known as O ‘Pazzo.

Two weeks later, in via dei Pisoni, Andrea Fiore, 54, was shot dead in his apartment in Quadraro. The agents of the mobile squad arrested Daniele Vit, a 43-year-old originally from Veroli, for the murder, which they arrived due to a clumsy mistake by Viti: his wallet was found on Fiore’s doorstep, a few steps from the body lifeless of the victim.

Viti was blocked while he was returning to an apartment in the Corviale area together with a woman, and is accused of complicity in murder together with Danilo Rondoni: he confessed to the crime, which developed within a feud that seems to revolve around the murder of Finizio and which has ramifications, in fact, in the even wider one for the control of the Roman drug dealing square.

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