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“Maradona buried without heart so that they would not desecrate the tomb”

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There is no peace for Diego Armando Maradona, not even in the tomb: one year after the death from cardiac arrest of the Pipe de oro, the doctor and journalist Nelson Castro revealed new details about his disappearance: starting with the fact that he was buried without heart to prevent the assault of the ultras on the niche.
Author of Diego’s health, the doctor gave an interview to a television program – Lunch with Mirtha Legrand – in which he recalled that at one point it was discovered that there were some fans, militants in the Gimnasia and Esgrima La Plata groups, who planned to perform a foray to the tomb to take possession of the heart of the football idol. “Obviously it didn’t happen because it would have been an act of enormous defiance, but it turned out they were going to try, so the heart was extracted, even for research.” Castro, who was a doctor for 10 years before becoming an anchorman, added that Maradona’s heart weighed half a kilo, which is about 200 grams more than that of a normal adult.

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“He was so great not only because he was a sportsman, but also because of his heart failure and pathology.” In fact, in 2000 Maradona was diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy, which is precisely a pathology that causes an enlarged heart. The doctor added that “el Diez” was “addicted to everything: drugs, alcohol, tobacco, sex, whatever” and underlined “the self-destructive personality” of the football legend.

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A year without Maradona

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