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María Corina Machado Firmly Rejects CNE’s Proposal to Postpone Opposition Primaries, Asserts Date Remains

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María Corina Machado Firmly Rejects CNE’s Proposal to Postpone Opposition Primaries, Asserts Date Remains

María Corina Machado Rejects CNE Proposal to Postpone Opposition Primaries

Venezuelan presidential candidate, María Corina Machado, has firmly rejected the proposal put forward by the National Electoral Council (CNE) to postpone the opposition primaries. Speaking on Thursday, Machado emphasized that the primaries to select the opposition candidate who will challenge the Nicolás Maduro regime in the 2024 elections will indeed take place on October 22 as planned, despite the CNE’s suggestion to move the date to November 19. The CNE is currently under the control of Chavismo, the political ideology of Maduro’s government.

Machado, the leader of the Vente Venezuela party, stated that the October 22 date was agreed upon and signed by all parties involved in the primaries. She stressed the commitment of thousands of citizens in the country who are dedicated to this schedule.

Addressing the possible technical assistance of the electoral body, Machado expressed openness to receiving help, but only if the CNE is willing to support the areas in which the National Primary Commission (NPC) is already prepared to receive assistance. However, she emphasized that if the CNE is unable or unwilling to provide support, the process will continue unchanged.

Despite being disqualified by the Chavista Comptroller’s Office from holding public office, Machado remains a prominent figure in opposition politics. She recently participated in a public event in Maracay, the capital of Aragua state, where thousands of supporters gathered to show their solidarity. The event saw impassioned speeches and calls for unity against the Maduro regime.

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Machado urged her followers to maintain impeccable organization throughout the electoral process and encouraged them to promote voting within their families and communities. She expressed confidence that the opposition will achieve victory over the regime, declaring that “freedom will win.” Machado believes that the October 22 primaries will mark the first step towards defeating the Maduro regime and bringing back prosperity to Venezuela.

The primaries will be fiercely contested, with Machado competing against 12 other candidates, including former governor Henrique Capriles Radonski. The followers of Machado occupied streets and nearby buildings during her speech, displaying banners and messages of support. Her supporters passionately chanted the slogan, “Venezuela woke up,” reflecting their determination to effect change.

Despite Chavismo’s attempts to sabotage the opposition primaries, the NPC has made significant progress in organizing the event. The electoral ballot and voting center locations, including churches, squares, avenues, sales warehouses, and private homes, have been published.

The fierce determination and mobilization displayed by Machado and her supporters reflect a growing sentiment in Venezuela against socialism and populism, which they see as responsible for causing misery and humiliation. The upcoming primaries on October 22 will test the strength of the opposition movement and the democratic aspirations of the Venezuelan people.

(With information from EFE)

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