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Mark Wahlberg-Iko Uwais’ Dangerous Actions on a Secret Mission

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Mark Wahlberg-Iko Uwais’ Dangerous Actions on a Secret Mission


Trans TV Cinema will show the film Miles 22 tonight, Wednesday 24 April 2024 at 21.00 WIB. So, what is the synopsis for the film Mile 22?

Mile 22 is an action genre film released in 2018. Directed by an American director named Peter Berg, this film has a duration of 1 hour 35 minutes.

Throughout the film, viewers can see the role-playing action between Mark Wahlberg and Indonesian actor Iko Uwais. Apart from that, there are many other famous actors who star in this film.



Curious about the story? Come on, see the complete synopsis below!

Sinopsis Film Mile 22

Mile 22 tells the story of a group of secret agents from the United States or CIA led by James Silva (played by Mark Wahlberg). The group was called the CIA Special Activities Division with the code name Overwatch.

The overwatch team is ordered to infiltrate a Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) safe house in the United States. The goal is to find and destroy the poisonous substance cesium which can kill thousands of people.

However, the mission failed because some of the cesium was taken away. Sixteen months later, a police officer from the Indocar country (a fictional form of Indonesia) named Li Noor (played by Iko Uwais) is known to have information about the remaining cesium.

Initially, Li Noor came to the United States Embassy to ask for protection because he was threatened with death because he was considered a traitor. In return, Li Noor will provide information about the remaining cesium that failed to be taken away.

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Hearing the news, James Silva’s teammate Alice Kerr (played by Laura Cohan) guarantees Noor’s reliability as an asset for their mission. The Overwatch team also escorted and escorted Li Noor 22 miles to the airport.

Along the way, they face many challenges and enemies who get in their way. There were lots of fisticuffs between Li Noor and the Overwatch team with tense enemies.

The peak was that in the seconds approaching the 22 mile point, they actually had to face an unexpected betrayal. As a result, they have to trick their opponents in order to survive and complete the mission.

So, will Overwatch be able to escort Li Noor to the airport? Will they succeed in finding the remaining toxic cesium?

Watch the full story at the Trans TV Cinema tonight.

Mile 22 Film Cast List

  • Mark Wahlberg as James Silva
  • Laura Cohan as Alice Kerr
  • Iko Uwais as Li Noor
  • John Malkovich as James Bishop
  • Ronda Rousey as Samantha
  • Nikali Nikolaeff as Aleksander Aslanov
  • Carlo Alban as William Douglas III
  • Natasha Goubskaya sebagai Vera Kuragina
  • Sam Medina as Axel Emily
  • Skeggs as MIT
  • Terry Kinney as Johnny Porter
  • Peter Berg as Lucas

Mile 22 Film Show Schedule

Based on the information on the official Trans TV website, the film Mile 22 will be shown in Trans TV cinemas today, Wednesday 24 April 2024 at 21.00 WIB.

The following is a complete schedule of various programs that will be broadcast on Trans TV today:

  • Islam is Beautiful: 05.00 WIB
  • Insert Morning: 06.30 WIB
  • CNN Indonesia Good Morning: 07.30 WIB
  • Early morning Ambyar: 08.30 WIB
  • Who Wants to Be Champion: 10.00 WIB
  • Insert: 11.00 WIB
  • Brownis (Sweet Chat): 12.30 WIB
  • Rumpi (No Secret): 14.00 WIB
  • Insert Today: 15.00 WIB
  • CNN Indonesia News Update: 16.00 WIB
  • Dream Box Indonesia: 16.30 WIB
  • Make you hungry: 17.30 WIB
  • Insert Story: 18.30 WIB
  • The World Has Stories: 19.30 WIB
  • No Limit: 20.15 WIB
  • Trans TV Mile 22 Cinema: 21.00 WIB
  • Trans TV Loving Pablo Cinema: 23.00 WIB
  • CNN Connected: 01.00 WIB
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That is the synopsis of the film Miles 22, complete with cast list and broadcast schedule. Enjoy watching!

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