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Marko Bijelić comments on Twitter | Entertainment

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Marko Bijelić comments on Twitter |  Entertainment

The picture of Marko Bjelic, son of Dragana Mirković and Toni Bjelic, caused a stir on Twitter

Izvor: Twitter/screenshot/@nina_krunic

Last year, the children of singer Dragana Mirković and Tonija Bijelić caused a stir on social networks when they decided to “unlock” their Instagram accounts and show how they look and in what luxury they live.

What especially caught everyone’s eye was how they looked, which is why they received a handful of comments and offers for marriage every day.

Source: Instagram/marko.vnm/dragana_mirkovic

Certain fellow folk singers “cast their eyes” on Marko Bijelić, which is why even Dragana Mirković reacted in an interview, and now the image of the young heir to the auto empire has also appeared on Twitter.

One user of the social network posted Mark’s picture from the beach and the question: “Men, is it that hard?“.

Numerous comments about Marko’s appearance followed, as well as statements that “it’s easy to look like that when your mother is Dragana Mirković”, as well as remarks that “it’s not difficult, only a beach and a castle in Austria are missing and that’s it“.

See how Marko looks in these pictures:

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