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Martin Hongla must be removed! – The Camerounaiseries blog

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Martin Hongla must be removed!  – The Camerounaiseries blog

An international footballer who makes tribalist remarks, tending to sow division and spread xenophobia among the Cameroonian population, this is simply unacceptable!
And this is why we must write off Martin Hongla…

Tribalist remarks

In a conversation on SnapChat, Cameroon international Martin Hongla said that “In our family, we don’t marry Bamileke girls! »
What blasphemy! Given his stature, he should not have uttered such words on a social network, with all the risks that this entails. This indicates an ostracist nature on the part of his family, but also hints of obvious xenophobia. And then, why target a specific tribe in particular, when its response could have been intelligently generalized?
The worst part is that the day after this controversy, Martin Hongla appeared in the company of his wife (a Bassa’a like him), proudly singing in the vernacular. As if to taunt all those who were offended by his clumsy remarks, instead of proceeding with his mea culpa in public. An ostentatious way of owning up to his slip-up, and letting it appear that he is not at all upset at the idea of ​​having been interpreted as an anti-Bamiléké tribalist.

A general but hidden context

I have repeated it over and over again: what Hongla said is not fundamentally new. Moreover, this is heard in almost all Cameroonian families, where boys are often told that “I don’t want anyone to bring a girl from Village X back to our family!” »
This is very common. Except that it is said quietly, and mainly in private. This does not prevent Cameroonians from marrying inter-ethnically in district town halls, and it does not in the least disrupt our living together.
Except that, in Hongla’s case, he said it in public, or at least in private on a platform that belongs to the public space. And therefore, given his personality, as a senior Indomitable Lion, he should have measured the content of his statements. He could have said it subtly in another way, or he could have slipped away cleverly. Because the question of tribal origins before marriage arises for almost all Cameroonians, but it has never prevented a true union between two compatriots who love each other, nor targeted a specific geographical area in particular. And what’s more, the player should have kept a low profile after his words were involuntarily leaked, which he unfortunately did not have the good idea to do immediately.

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The Minute of Ecclesiastes on the tribalist remarks of Martin Hongla

Open letter to Hongla supporters

And to all those who support Martin Hongla, I inform you that you lose nothing by waiting. To all those who proclaim “that he spoke well”, “that he is not a hypocrite” and what else do I know, I remind them that inter-ethnic conflicts have a known start date, but that we never know when they will definitively end.
The example of NoSo rightly reminds us of this separatist crisis which was triggered by a simple small misunderstanding. The case of Rwanda can also serve as a model. Because because of a tiny misunderstanding, on April 6, 1994, the Hutus and Tutsis were torn apart with machetes and axes, for an unimaginable death toll of 800,000 in just ninety days…
To all those who say that Martin Hongla is a hero, I reassure them that they will lose nothing by waiting. Because it is tribalism and xenophobia that led humanity to slavery, apartheid or even the extermination of Jewish peoples. It is tribalism that is the cause of genocides, civil wars and raids. The people who minimize Martin Hongla’s remarks, and who support him like imbeciles, do not understand the stakes of such statements. They do not know that war in a country begins with poorly positioned little sentences, with poisonous ideas which end up taking root within a potentially warlike population. They have not understood that not all truths are good to tell, especially when we live in a context as explosive as that of our country Cameroon.
And when war comes, I promise you that Hongla’s supporters will be the very first to regret it from the depths of their flesh, and to wish that the hostilities would end as quickly as possible.

Cameroon needs national unity

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Because at the moment, Cameroon is sailing on burning embers. We have social tensions at all levels of our society, and all of these negative energies can cause an explosion at any time.
We have the question of the presidential transition which raises questions. We have the problems of high cost of living. We need electricity, water and accessible roads. We have the problem of teachers who have already put up with too much. We have the question of unemployment. We have land affairs which are a real time bomb. And with all this, you also want to add inter-tribal conflicts to us?
Martin Hongla should not have said what he said, and for that he must be radically suspended. Disbarred for life! Martin Hongla has positioned himself as the leader of a hateful tribalist streak, despite himself. Cameroon does not need fixation or stigmatization on a particular tribe, and I am not saying this only because I am a national of the Bamiléké community.

Martin Hongla must be removed immediately!

So an international footballer who makes tribalist remarks, tending to sow division and propagate xenophobia among the Cameroonian population, is simply despicable and unforgivable!
Moreover, it is for this reason that Martin Hongla must be severely punished…

Martin Hongla must be suspended! He’s a footballer that I liked until now, but his outings are clumsy, impromptu, and his removal should help restore serenity within the den of the Indomitable Lions.
Martin Hongla must be suspended! This would be a clear and clear message, telling all Cameroonians who want to oppose our national cohesion, that we will not allow xenophobia to prosper within our pacifist population.
We must remove Martin Hongla from our favorite national team, and this for an incompressible period of ninety-nine years!

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Because he has never been an essential player for our team; he is an average footballer who vegetates in second-rate European clubs, and he has already reached the maximum of what he could represent in the world of football. Martin Hongla has just damaged his image, he has brought a negative light to his now detestable personality, and he has clumsily made plenty of enemies.
We never needed tribalists like Martin Hongla here in Cameroon.

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