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Mary Roos’ ex gambled away her house

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Mary Roos’ ex gambled away her house
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    On Roland Kaiser’s 50th stage anniversary, friend Mary Roos chatted about it and told a private story about the poker table.

    Offenburg – On December 16th, a special edition of the “Giovanni Zarrella Show” was recorded for the golden stage anniversary of pop icon Roland Kaiser (71). Among the guests: pop singer Mary Roos (74), with whom Kaiser toured 45 years ago and with whom he has a long-standing friendship. As “bunte.de” reports, she told an anecdote in front of the TV camera and said that her ex-husband had lost their house to Kaiser while playing poker.

    Mary Roos: Roland Kaiser won her house at the poker table with her ex

    Mary Roos has experienced a lot with Roland Kaiser over the years and was very emotional that evening about the memories. There were probably times in earlier years when she found the singer “not so nice”. But after a discussion, the friendship deepened and she was also at his side when Kaiser celebrated his stage comeback in 2013 after his lung transplant due to his COPD disease. By the way, the pop singer thinks the fact that his age shows a little is much better than cosmetic surgery.

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    However, the fact that Kaiser had once won at the poker table at Mary Roos’ House from her ex-husband was, according to “bunte.de”, a cause for concern for presenter Giovanni Zarrella (45), who recently gave his wife Jana Ina a much nicer surprise. Horrified: “You have to imagine using her house!” Which of her two ex-husbands was apparently not discussed.

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    Giovanni Zarrella can’t believe what Mary Roos is telling him: her ex gambled away the house they shared. © IMAGO/Monn picture agency

    Roland Kaiser with Mary Roos’ ex at the poker table: “‘I risk the house’ – and then he lost”

    Mary Roos was married twice: from 1969 to 1977 to the Frenchman Pierre Scardin and from 1981 to 1989 to the musician Werner Böhm († 78) alias singer and entertainer Gottlieb Wendehals, whom Kaiser knew personally. According to Kaiser, Roos’ ex put his car and their shared house at risk. “He threw the key in the middle and said, ‘I’m risking the house’ – and then he lost,” said Kaiser.

    Mary Roos revealed at Roland Kaiser’s golden stage jubilee that he had once won her house from her ex at the poker table. (Photomontage) © IMAGO/Monn Image Agency & IMAGO/Monn Image Agency

    But even in this situation, Roland Kaiser showed himself to be a true friend of Mary Roos: he would never have taken it away from the singer and the front door key never changed hands. Much to the relief of the laughing 74-year-old: “I would have been homeless.” Luckily for Mary Roos, Roland Kaiser certainly didn’t need her house – he still inspires numerous fans today, like recently at the “Advent Festival of 100,000 Lights”. (cso) Sources used: bunte.de

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