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Mass shooting during the Super Bowl parade in Kansas City – NRK Urix – Foreign news and documentaries

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Mass shooting during the Super Bowl parade in Kansas City – NRK Urix – Foreign news and documentaries

A video shows how one of those arrested was tackled by onlookers at the scene.

– I heard someone shout “stop him”, and I just reacted without thinking, Paul Contreras tells the TV channel KETV

– I tackled him, and then I saw a weapon fall out of his hand or jacket. Then I understood that we had to keep him down, says Contreras, who was the same with his daughter Alyssa Marsh-Contreras during the parade.

He says he did not see the man shoot.

Radio host killed

Several hundred thousand had turned up to celebrate the winners of this year’s Super Bowl.

Towards the end of the event, someone started shooting.

Cellphone videos from the scene show confusion and eventually panic.

On Thursday night, it was confirmed that at least one person had been killed.

Lisa Lopez-Galvan worked as a DJ and radio presenter, and was a big fan of the football team.

Lisa Lopez-Galvan of radio station KKFI was killed during the Super Bowl parade of the Kansas City Chiefs.

– It is with deep sadness and a broken heart that we inform you that KKFI-DJ Lisa Lopez-Galvan, who led the program Taste of Tejano, lost her life in the shooting at the KC Chiefs’ parade, writes the radio channel KKFI on Facebook.

She had two children, reports The Kansas City Star newspaper.

Lisa Lopez-Galvan followed the parade with her husband and one of the sons, who are also said to have been hit by gunfire, the newspaper writes.

Biden calls for stricter gun laws

Three people have been arrested and the police have found weapons. The police chief said they do not yet know what was the motive for the shooting.

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– A total of 22 are injured, said the police chief in Kansas City, Stacey Graves around half past one on Thursday Norwegian time.

All are said to have been hit by gunfire, and there may be more victims. The police are still working to find out the extent.

According to the fire chief in the area, eight people have life-threatening injuries.

Eight of the injured are children, reports say AP.

This is America’s 49th mass shooting this year, according to the Gun Violence Archive

One of the two people the police quickly got control of.

Photo: AFP

President Joe Biden commented on the shooting last night.

He pointed out that so far this year there have been more mass shootings than there have been days.

– The epidemic of gun violence is tearing families and communities apart every day, says Biden.

He says it’s time to act. Biden is asking that politicians in Congress now ban semi-automatic rifles and, among other things, strengthen the background checks of people who buy weapons.

22 people are injured after the shooting during the celebration on Wednesday.

Photo: AFP

Travis Kelce is shaken

Kansas City Chiefs player Travis Kelce writes on social media that he is completely devastated by the shooting.

– My heart is with everyone who came out to celebrate with us and has been touched. “Kansas Chiefs, you mean everything to me,” Kelce wrote on X, formerly Twitter.

Kelce is the boyfriend of Taylor Swift, and the two got a lot of attention after the final on Sunday.

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The mayor of Kansas City says the city is now part of a grim statistic, namely those who have experienced a mass shooting.

Several people are said to have been shot in connection with the Super Bowl victory parade for the Kansas City Chiefs. Two people have been arrested.

– We have to find out how to ensure that such things do not happen in our country, said Quinton Lucas at a press conference.

What was supposed to be a tribute to the city’s great heroes ended in utter chaos. It was in the area around Union Station where a stage had been set up and the football team was being cheered just before someone started shooting into the crowd.

No players, coaches or people associated with the support apparatus of the Kansas City Chiefs are injured, the club reports according to the AP.

There were reportedly close to a million people on the streets and in the area around Union Station in Kansas City tonight.

Photo: AFP

A million in the streets

It was expected that around one million people would turn up for the parade, and around 600 police officers.

Governor Mike Parson of Missouri and his wife were present when the incident occurred. They are not injured, he writes on X.

Kansas City is located in the state of Missouri.

Video footage shows chaotic scenes outside the station as police officers stormed the building as people celebrating the Super Bowl victory sought shelter.

The Kansas City Chiefs won 25-22 in overtime over the San Francisco 49ers in the American football final on the night of Monday Norwegian time.

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The Kansas City Chiefs thus became Super Bowl champions for the second year in a row and the third time in five years.

The police are trying to gain control of the situation.

Photo: Reuters

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