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Matora and Anita’s wedding, is the marriage fake | Entertainment

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Matora and Anita’s wedding, is the marriage fake |  Entertainment

Jovana Tomić Matora and Anita got married in Montenegro, on Sveti Stefan, and social networks were flooded with comments.

Source: Instagram/matora23

Marko Đedović was their best man, and on social networks they are also arguing about the first gay wedding from a reality show. Recordings were also published, so fans and network users could take a look at the details of the ceremony, and Anita took Jovana’s last name.

Many commented that this marriage was, in fact, fake, and that infuriated Matora, who announced the occasion on Instagram and published a document that says the opposite.

Source: Instagram/matora23

It’s not fake“, Matora wrote, alluding to the fact that they got married in front of witnesses and godfathers, and they don’t stop getting wedding favors.

Anita’s last name is now Tomić, and that’s what she says on her Instagram account, where she used to be Anita Stanojlović. It is known that she is only 19 years old and that she gave birth to a child while she was a minor, and left her partner because of violence.

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EVERYONE IS WONDERING IF JOVANA AND ANITA’S MARRIAGE IS FAKE! Matora spoke up and revealed the whole TRUTH – after this, everything is clear!

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01:15 Matora i Anita izvozile sudbonosno DA Source: Kurir

Source: Courier

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