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Mattarella: “The tragedy of the Marmolada symbol of ungoverned climatic emergencies”

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Mattarella: “The tragedy of the Marmolada symbol of ungoverned climatic emergencies”

MAPUTO. The Marmolada tragedy “is a symbolic event of the many tragedies that ungoverned climate change is causing in many parts of the world“. This was stated by the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, at the end of the meeting with the president of Mozambique. Climate change, he continued, “are phenomena that no country can tackle alone”. On the climate, “we need a full collaboration of all, without which the phenomenon cannot be governed”.

While the bodies of the missing on the highest massif of the Dolomites are still being sought, and hopes seem increasingly weak with the passage of time, the Head of State speaks of the tragedy of Trentino asking for a shared effort (“There are countries that do not commit themselves, we must call everyone to take on further commitments “) then touches on other issues of international politics and economics:” With the president of Mozambique – says Mattarella – we talked about terrorism, the commitment to counter it, thinking of the victims and the impoverishment it causes , the impediment to development and damage to the future of young people “. The head of state assured in particular “the active and concrete commitment of Italy as a country and within the European Union to support Mozambique on such an important front which concerns the serenity of coexistence and which is the common heritage of the world“.

Between Italy and Mozambique there is an important collaboration on the energy level through Eni’s action: “The forthcoming start of gas extraction, which allows the export of liquefied gas from the plant managed by Eni – says Mattarella – it is an important milestone and testifies to the precious collaboration that I hope can be extended to other economic sectors ». But among the issues at the center of the confrontation with the president of Mozambique, Filipe Jacinto Nyusi, also the Russia-Ukraine war: “We talked about the Russian Federation’s aggression against Ukraine which is causing very serious consequences under various profiles”, says the president of the Republic. “The first of these is the return in this millennium of a criterion that we thought relegated to past centuries, that according to which a larger and stronger country can consider a smaller and weaker one as a prey to be conquered”. Very serious consequences under various profiles, says Mattarella, starting “from the supply of food and fertilizers, which affects everyone and the African continent in a particular way”. The European Union and Italy, our president said, “are ready to support the countries most in difficulty”.

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