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Mauricio Mercado became the worst nightmare of América de Cali

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Mauricio Mercado became the worst nightmare of América de Cali

The Sucreño was suspended in September 2023 due to poor refereeing – credit @joseborda1/X

For the seventh date of the BetPlay Dimayor League, Envigado received a visit from América de Cali at the Sur de Envigado Sports Center. The match was marked by controversy, due to the arbitration rulings in a shortlist led by Edwin Trujillo.

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According to information from El VBAR Caracol, two members of the arbitration panel could be dismissed due to bad decisions that directly affected the Cali team led by Cesar Farías.

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“VAR REFEREES DISMISSED! The refereeing commission has dismissed Heider Castro (VAR) and Mauricio Mercado (AVAR) after the Envigado-América match. “They will not be taken into account for the remainder of the Colombian tournament.”

Two members of the arbitration panel that administered justice in the Envigado vs. match. America were dismissed – credit @VBarCaracol/X

At the moment, the Major Division of Colombian Football has not issued an official statement confirming the suspension of the two judges. However, the recidivism of Mauricio Mercado from Sucre, who was serving a sanction, draws attention.

The Sucreño was suspended in September 2023 due to poor refereeing – credit @joseborda1/X

In September 2023, América de Cali faced Envigado in the league as a visitor in a match that also had refereeing controversies after the ineffectiveness of Mauricio Mercado, who did not sanction a clear handball inside the area for the Red Devils.

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For this action, Mercado was suspended for five months by Dimayor; However, the referee was appointed as a VAR assistant, precisely for the match between Envigado and América de Cali for the seventh date of the rented venue.

According to the interpretation of José Borda, arbitration expert, those in charge of dispensing justice at Polideportivo Sur de Envigado were wrong in their decision, since the infraction within the area exists on the part of the Envigado player, Santiago Noreña, given that he relies on Argentine striker Rodrigo Holgado.

“TURN OFF AND LET’S GO The penalty that the VAR gives at minute 90 + 3 is unprecedented, in favor of the local, Noreña from @EnvigadoFC leans on Holgado from @AmericadeCali and Paz del Escarlata puts his arms on Noreña’s abdomen and they give a penalty for restraint, it is NOT understood that they are beeping. Terrible work!”

Trujillo non-existent penalty pitó for Envigado over América de Cali – credit @HaroldRiveraCh/X

The situation generated the discomfort of the largest shareholder of the American team, Tulio Gómez, who launched strong accusations for the controversial arbitration in dialogue with Banda Deportiva.

“Today they robbed us at the stadium. They deny us a penalty and then they sanction us one that is not (…) that is a robbery, yesterday the refereeing was also perverse. We will send a letter to Dimayor complaining, and vetoing this VAR and the referee.”

América de Cali went ahead on the scoreboard after 25 minutes with a goal from Harold Rivera, who made it 1-0 with a header after a pass through the same route from Yojan García that the former Independiente Santa Fe sent to save.

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When it seemed that the Valle del Cauca team would take the three points for the sky branch, the controversial play involving Luis Paz and Santiago Noreña was presented.

The unusual penalty in favor of Envigado that caused discomfort in América de Cali and the entire FPC sphere – credit Win Sports

After a still ball charge, Paz held Noreña, for which the play was reviewed in the VAR, and later sanctioned as a maximum penalty in favor of Envigado, who tied through Bayron Garcés.

With this tie, the Valle del Cauca squad occupies the fourteenth place with eight points and has accumulated three dates without knowing the victory, while Envigado is 11 with nine units.

On the next day of the BetPlay Dimayor League, América de Cali will face each other at Pascual Guerrero con Equidad. The meeting between Mechita and Insurers is scheduled for Thursday, February 22, starting at 6:10 pm (Colombian time) with Win Sports+ broadcast.

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