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Mauritania: 5th edition of Woman International Day, a closing in sobriety – Thaqafa

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Mauritania: 5th edition of Woman International Day, a closing in sobriety – Thaqafa

Initiated by the “Assalamalekum” Cultural Association chaired by Mr. Limam Kane Monza, and led with an iron fist by Ms. Rosita Hawa Bâ, the Woman International Day festival lowered the curtains on its 5th edition, this March 8, 2024 at the Olympic Stadium from Nouakchott.

Group photo after the launch of Woman Day – Credit Aidara

It was at the creative market, made up of stands where several women from various countries in the sub-region have been exhibiting for more than a week and located inside the Olympic stadium in Nouakchott, that the closing of the Woman took place International Day.

The creative market

The Woman Day creative market was very busy. Several personalities walked there. Processions of well-stocked stalls piled up with “ thiourayes “, “niamatos”, clothing, traditional medicine products, from Senegal, Mali, Guinea, Niger, among other countries. Among the distinguished guests who visited the market, the ambassador of the United States of America in Mauritania, Her Excellency Madam Cynthia Kirscht.

The Woman Day creative market at the Olympic Stadium – Credit Aidara

The closing ceremony, although organized with sobriety, was marked by a brief speech delivered by the director of the festival, Ms. Rosita Hawa Bâ, who distinguished during the evening several women who distinguished themselves through their fight. So, this 8 mars 2024, International Women’s Rights Day, celebrated with great fanfare in Mauritania, coincided with the highlight of a festival which for eight days punctuated the cultural, artistic and socio-professional life of Mauritanians. The concert planned for the evening was canceled following the insecurity which marked the last show organized at the stadium.

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Rosita Hawa Bâ in selfie with Cynthia Kirscht (with permission for publication)

Under the theme “ Refusal to confine yourself to domestic tasks », the creative market had thrown its marquees in the heart of the Olympic stadium since March 1, 2024, guided by one objective, the empowerment of women. Throughout the festival, they exhibited their know-how and their products straight from their creativity.

Official opening of the festival

It must be said that the festival Woman International Day launched on March 1, 2024 its 5th edition at the Palais des Congrès in Nouakchott in the presence of the President of the Region, Mrs. Fatimetou Abdel Maleck, the diplomatic corps, civil society activists and the elite of the cultural, artistic and sporting world of the country.

Ms. Oumou Kane and Mr. Limam Kane Monza – Credit Aidara

Around ten female figures were honored during the ceremony, pioneers in the fields of health, economics, law, politics, sport and social life. Among the winners, the president of the Mauritanian Business Women’s Council, Ms. Fatima Sidi Mohamed El Vil, for female entrepreneurship, Ms. Oumou Kane, responsible for women’s football within the Mauritanian Football Federation (FFRIM), Ms. Zeynabou Taleb Moussa, president of the Mauritanian Association for Mother and Child Health (AMSME).

Training, concerts, debates

During this festival, which was supported by several partners, including the Caisse Nationale d’Assurance et de Solidarité en Santé (CNASS), several training workshops were initiated, particularly in the field of urban agriculture with the assistance of two experts in the field, Louise Tanchon and Andréa Pasqualini, both agricultural engineers.

Poster for the 1st Woman Day 2024 concert / ifmauritanie via Instagram

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There was also training in project management, with an essential point on SWOT business strategy. The festival also had several conference-debates on various themes, “ new law for women’s rights in Mauritania », « importance of women’s economic empowerment », « excision », etc.

The public was also entitled to concerts, with renowned artists such as this beautiful evening hosted at the French Institute of Maurtianie by Noura Mint Seymali and Miss Haga, or this fiery evening at the Olympic stadium with Youpi, or even this acoustic evening with Teacher Sarr at Tevragh-Zeina Town Hall.

The festival was also marked by the establishment of networking for entrepreneurial and creative women, the screening of a film by Hawa Bâ on gender-based violence, a fashion show, football matches, etc.

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