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Mayer Hawthorne, review of his album For All Time (2023)

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Mayer Hawthorne, review of his album For All Time (2023)

After a start to his career full of artistic success with his albums “A Strange Arrangement” y “How Do You Do” and a stage in which – also with great success – he dedicated himself to composing for others, Mayer Hawthorne reveals his new job “For All Time”armor with which he sets out to recover the kingdom of gafapasta soul.

This gallery of pastel melodies sways in a swing of subtle and pleasant oscillations. The only thing that could make you dizzy here is the level of sweetness of him, you should know that Hawthorne is not an artist for hearing diabetics.

That said, the cavalcade of the songs is reminiscent of the words that the Pullese journalist Paolo Politti once used to define a part of the career of his countryman Domenico Modugno: this is music for the act of love; Each song represents a moment in humanity’s oldest sequence.

From the mood definer “Hawthorne Rides Again” in which this producer and crooner looks at us with his right eyebrow raised immediately “Without You”Hawthorne uses the loser’s seduction technique, infallible if practiced with such sensitivity.

The sensual narrative continues with “Physical Touch” in which the title says almost everything and along with “Deeper Vibration” y “On The Floor” They represent the “silly” moment, that of the butterflies in the stomach, in which everything I say to you is stupid but we both don’t care.

The first line of “The Pool” It goes to the bone: “Let’s get hot” says the daring Mayer and inaugurates the next chapter, the really expected one. “Cream Interior” Apart from an awkward title, it is a perfect company for the instance and reprise of the album’s intro; this time “Hawthorne rides again” It is pronounced with authority and some hysteria.

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“Standby” y “Sweet Temptation Woman” They talk about the post. With a haughty disposition and overflowing with sweetness at the same time, this modern cross between Buddy Holly and Curtis Mayfield returns to the ring with “On The Floor” y “Eyes of Love”two of the animated gems of “For All Time”. With elegance and determination, Hawthorne shakes off his solo dust and reconquers everything as you see it, with light blue shorts, high socks and loafers. A real winner, come on.

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