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Medicine test: 28 May and 30 July would be the two dates scheduled by the Mur

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Medicine test: 28 May and 30 July would be the two dates scheduled by the Mur

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60 quizzes in 100 minutes for the entire test instead of the usual 50, Biology, Chemistry and Logic increase while General Knowledge, Physics and Mathematics decrease, goodbye to the much discussed equalizer, the same test for everyone, there will be 2 tests and only paper and database tests of public quizzes, different for each test and available approximately 20 days before each date. These would be the latest news concerning the Medicine Test, which in recent weeks have caused first the Rectors and then the students to revolt due to the lack of clarity regarding the dates and methods of carrying it out.

The date

Again according to rumours, 28 May and 30 July would be the two official dates on which the Ministry of the University (Mur) is aiming for the 2024 Medicine Test. Specifically, the 60 quizzes would be divided as follows: 4 for the skills of reading and knowledge acquired in studies, 5 dedicated to logical reasoning and problems, 23 for Biology, 15 for Chemistry and 13 for Physics and Mathematics. If confirmed, dates and methods would be very different compared to what was expected even a few weeks ago.

General culture

The CEO of the startup MedCampus Leonardo Vaghaye, who helps students prepare for medical tests, explains that «it would finally be established that the general culture part is almost non-existent, and one is selected for their knowledge of scientific subjects and logic: a right mix that then rewards knowledge and mastery of the subjects inherent to the medical degree course.”
As regards the one-size-fits-all test divided into two dates, which are assumed to be May 28th and July 30th, «this is an excellent opportunity for everyone to test themselves in two different sessions; the fact that there is no longer even an equalized score is excellent because it makes everything simpler, more transparent, the same for everyone, with a paper test and there can be no technological problems in the offices. It is a more meritocratic mechanism while we are a little disappointed about the scheduled dates: choosing the two sessions on the most logical dates, i.e. at the end of July and in September, would have made life significantly easier for the graduates.”

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The hope for an official decree

The founder of MedCampus, who in recent weeks has also launched a public petition to ask Minister Bernini to confirm the dates of last year’s tests, also hopes that «an official decree will be released as soon as possible, so that all students – including those fourth grade – can prepare as best they can and take this test to obtain a playable score for next year’s test, whatever the definitive method may be”.

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