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“Mediterranean center of Europe, not border”. Draghi opens the Med

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ROME – “Italy strongly supports the new Agenda for the Mediterranean of the European Union. The considerable financial commitments in the region must stimulate a fair and sustainable recovery. The transitions underway – first of all the digital and environmental ones – create the space for a path of stability and prosperity. At the basis of these objectives there must be a shared vision for the Mediterranean. Not as a southern border of Europe, but as a cultural and economic center “. This was stated by the Prime Minister, Mario Draghi, at the opening of the Med Dialogues in Rome organized by Ispi and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with the participation of representatives of the countries of the area.

The Mediterranean once again becomes a space for dialogue

by Luigi Di Maio

“This meeting – continued Draghi – is an opportunity to strengthen regional cooperation in an area that has always been fundamental for our country”. “The Mediterranean is not just a sea or, as we used to say, a geographical expression. Today, as in the past, it is a set of social, economic, cultural ties. Thanks to merchants and sailors, artists and travelers who, especially in port cities, they brought new knowledge and preserved ancient customs, “he added.

The Yemeni minister: “Iran behind the civil war. Help us or it will be like in Kabul “

by Paolo Brera

“Ideas and identities that have survived even wars and political divisions. The Mediterranean is a crossroads of the world. Think of what happened last March, when the container ship Ever Given blocked the Suez Canal. In six days, the blockade did almost double global shipping rates for petroleum products. The closure of access to and from the Mediterranean has had consequences everywhere, “said Draghi.

Energy policy

The common natural resources of the Mediterranean countries make a shared energy policy desirable.
First of all, to encourage the development of renewables, starting with wind and solar power. The prospects offered by green hydrogen are also fundamental. In the meantime, we must continue to capitalize on gas resources, of which the Mediterranean has ample reserves, as a source of transition in the medium term. And plan the development of the next few years together, in the green and digital transition “.

Iran e Iraq

“We maintain a demanding but constructive dialogue with Iran, including as regards the non-proliferation of nuclear power,” said Draghi. “Our commitment in Iraq is significant. We contribute to the process of gradual expansion of the NATO mission, of which we will assume command for a year starting next May”.


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