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Megan Fox’s new look provokes mixed reactions on social networks

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Megan Fox’s new look provokes mixed reactions on social networks

“Transformers” star Megan Fox is generating a variety of opinions on social media after sharing a photo of herself enjoying herself with her friends at a post-Super Bowl event last weekend.

The appearance of the famous woman has left some of her followers worried, who notice certain physical changes that contrast with her appearance a few years ago, and point out that she increasingly resembles the socialite Kim Kardashian.

Megan Fox confesses painful secrets like never before through poems collected in a book. Photo: Instagram.

Fox had previously opted for a red bob haircut, but in the last photograph where she appears with Taylor Swift, her boyfriend Travis, a Kansas City Chiefs player, and Machine Gun Kelly, the famous woman showed off long, pink hair. . In this image, she made a gesture as if she were blowing a kiss to the camera, highlighting her thinness and very voluminous lips. These changes could be attributed to the passage of time, although they could also be the result of surgical interventions.


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Megan was one of the most sought-after actresses in Hollywood and in 2008 she was chosen as the sexiest woman in the world in a survey conducted by the men’s magazine FHM Online. To this day, she continues to impress with the figure of hers and the feline eyes of hers. However, despite these outside perceptions, she revealed in an interview with “Sports Illustrated” a year ago that her appearance has been a constant challenge in her life.

“I have body dysmorphia. I never see myself how others see me. There was never a time in my life where I loved my body, never ever,” she shared.

Fox has described her experience as a “never-ending journey toward self-love,” which could manifest itself in the multiple cosmetic surgeries she has performed over the years. These interventions include breast implants, nose jobs, Botox, eyelid surgery, and other procedures. According to experts, it is estimated that she has spent around $60,000 on these cosmetic improvements.

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In 2021 he also spoke about the topic: “We can look at someone and think: ‘That person is so beautiful. His life must be very easy.’ Chances are, that person doesn’t feel that way about themselves.”

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“I was never the pretty girl at my school. I mean, I had braces and I dyed my hair orange. She wasn’t the popular girl. I was always the loner. I think she had lied to myself, or rather had allowed other people to lie to me. I didn’t fit in well, for a long time I didn’t live my own life being myself. Those most eccentric or strange parts of me did not correspond to my family or my essence,” she added then.

Megan Fox’s radical change of look that will set a trend in hair salons

The series of comments that the famous woman received with her publication generated controversy. He responded with a sarcastic message that caused discomfort among his followers, some of whom interpreted it as xenophobia and misogyny towards Ukrainians. However, she also received support from those who considered the negative reactions exaggerated.

“My God, guys, look how different… I don’t look like that at all! Turns out it was just a shady cell phone photo of me looking like a Ukrainian blow-up doll. When I REALLY look like one of those sex dolls! ..super expensive silicone that you can only get in Japan!” he wrote.

Users commented: “Is xenophobia and misogyny towards Ukrainians okay? For normal people they are not”, “It’s not too late to edit ‘Ukrainian'”, “What the hell? You have millions of comparisons, but you choose Ukrainian women”, “I guess xenophobia towards Eastern Europe is still a thing in Hollywood”, “That’s how “feminist” you are – instead of showing a little support for women you choose to tear other women down.”

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