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Meloni: “Dragons at EU summits? For now pure philosophy.” And on the European elections: “I hope there will be a different Union in June”

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Meloni: “Dragons at EU summits?  For now pure philosophy.”  And on the European elections: “I hope there will be a different Union in June”

Many topics were covered by Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni at the end of the EU summit in Brussels. From the next European elections to the rumors that former Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi is at the top of the Union. And then the Ilaria Salis case, with the hypothesis of his candidacy in the next elections with Avs and the confirmation that he will be «present at the celebrations of April 25th» underlining that «the extremists are on another side». In short, a 360-degree Giorgia Meloni presented herself to reporters at the end of the summit.

«This is the last European Council of this legislature and despite the work done in recent months – explains Meloni -, such as that on migrants, I hope that when we meet in June we will be faced with a different Europe» underlined the prime minister at end of the summit. As for the rumors that indicate former Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi at the top of the European Union, the Prime Minister cut things short: «I’m happy that we’re talking about an Italian but this debate is philosophy. I will never agree with the tendency to decide before citizens vote. It is the citizens who decide the majorities, which is why I will not participate in the debate »she underlined on the possible nomination of Draghi. And she added: “What interests me is that both Draghi and Enrico Letta, who are considered two pro-Europeans, tell us that Europe must be changed.”

In the case of Salis from the par situation
«On a level playing field we saw some great fake news which amused me. I believe in freedom of the press. It is said that I want to control the press but it is not true because the regulation is what was there before” underlined the prime minister. While on the hypothesis of Ilaria Salis’s candidacy for the European elections, Meloni underlined: «Her candidacy does not change the government’s work». And answering reporters’ questions, the Prime Minister recalled that “I have already said in the past that politicizing the matter doesn’t help.”

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The premiere has then talked about the debt. «We can have the best strategies but then we need resources. We know what the debate is in the EU on the common debt, a proposal supported by the Italian government. Letta proposes the theme of the ability to mobilize private investments to ensure that such capital remains.”

Migrant issue and work with von der Leyen
The president of the Council then responded to journalists who asked her for answers on the subject of migration policy and the prime minister explained that «this morning I spoke with the president of the Commission, von der Leyen, about migration matters as a whole, bringing together the topic of Lebanon and that of Tunisia, where we were yesterday. The trend in the flow of irregular migrants towards Italy, which is decreasing significantly, demonstrates that the work we have done is slowly bringing results, clearly Tunisia is also a nation with which we must continue to work. We cannot think of solving our problems by transferring them to other nations, and therefore with President von der Leyen I also spoke about the issue of repatriations to the countries of origin, the involvement of international organizations on voluntary repatriations assisted by Tunisia to the countries of origin ». Chiosando: «Then there is the issue of Libya – she added she – she, which we are also always addressing with the European Commission, on which I hope there will be some developments in the coming days».

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