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Meloni, I put my face on the increase in military spending: “The migrant emergency is becoming structural”

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Meloni, I put my face on the increase in military spending: “The migrant emergency is becoming structural”

“Ceiling on the price of gas thanks largely to Italy”

«The decision of the European Union, heavily worked on and pursued by Italy, to fix a maximum ceiling on the price of gas has interrupted the speculative phenomena, with enormous benefits for Italian and European families and businesses. And it is largely a merit of Italy that for once, at 360 degrees, has managed to work together and we must all be proud of this », claims Meloni. “From the outset, Italy has supported the importance of a response to the 27 with tools and objectives aimed at strengthening the energy system as a whole: the diversification of sources, especially natural gas, the fight against speculation on the gas market , the reduction of energy demand, the acceleration of the development and diffusion of renewables, the rapid filling of storage facilities”.

«Green transition with technologies other than electric»

In his reply in the debate on communications in view of the European Council, there is also room for a reference to the principle of technological neutrality. «The proposal for a regulation on CO2 emissions for light vehicles is inappropriate in its current form because it risks consigning us to new dependencies. We have demonstrated, data in hand, that it is possible to achieve the objectives of the green transition by using different technologies than electricity, in which Italy represents a vanguard, such as synthetic fuels, hydrogen», Meloni points out. Why, instead of developing these, do we want to switch from dependence on Russian gas to that of Chinese electricity? We are trying to defend the national interest. They are pragmatic subjects and we want to address them with pragmatism».

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“EU gives objectives but no ideological approaches”

«We dialogue with everyone because we don’t live foreign policy as a supporter, a friend or an enemy, but we pursue the national interest. I reiterate: we share the objectives of the energy transition on emissions, but we contest the methods», adds Meloni. «Europe can set goals, but it doesn’t have to tell me how to achieve them, because I don’t change my mind on the issue of electricity and on some positions that have an ideological approach that risk supporting the process that gives us rights on the altar of decarbonization to deindustrialization”.

Licheri (M5S): Meloni don’t make fun of Italians

“Meloni asks for collaboration from the opposition but don’t make fun of the Italians, with whose money do you want to replenish the arsenals you emptied to send weapons to Ukraine?”. Ettore Licheri of the M5S completely rejects the government line, speaking at Palazzo Madama. “It is true that we all pay the price for Russian aggression, but not all in the same way. Germany and France have passed substantial plans while Meloni comes to the Chamber with inflation at 10% and prices soaring, with a cost of living that has become unbearable ». For Licheri «this war is hurting our families and businesses and the Prime Minister must tell us how he helps them instead of using them as an ATM. It is no longer the war between Kiev and Moscow but between Russia and NATO, and it can lead us straight to the third world war and to the point of no return. As Kennedy said, don’t be afraid to negotiate. For once Meloni stop saying yes and proudly take over an initiative that breaks the spiral of violence that is convenient for others but is neither convenient for Europeans nor for Italians ».

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Pd, poor speech on the economy and slogans on migrants

Just as many criticisms come from the Democratic Party. «On Giorgia Meloni’s speech, our judgment is bad. A poor intervention on economic issues, with no perspective on the new model of the stability pact. Today Italian citizens are asking for answers to the cost of living and to the economic and social crisis. Instead, the government has taken refuge behind the usual slogans, especially on the issue of migration. As usual, the prime minister relied on security and propaganda language, forgetting that today the right is in government and no longer in opposition. In its resolution, the Democratic Party has made very detailed merit proposals to give our contribution. Those proposals that are completely absent in the majority resolution ”, attacks the president of the senators of the Democratic Party, Simona Malpezzi. “On Ukraine we have consistently maintained our position which is the same as when the war began: we defend the freedom of Ukraine and its people, against the Russian invasion, we defend the rule of law and European values”.

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