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Meloni’s victory as seen by the US, the “New York Times”: roots of post-fascism, future in populism

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Meloni’s victory as seen by the US, the “New York Times”: roots of post-fascism, future in populism

FROM THE CORRESPONDENT FROM WASHINGTON. Giorgia Meloni’s victory finds prominence in the American press which in recent weeks had already covered the Italian elections entirely centered on the figure of the leader of the Brothers of Italy. Chronicles, live news (on the New York Times) analysis and comments to greet the right turn of a G7 country. There are three distinctive features that unite the articles on the websites of the great US journalists and media. The first is the probable appointment of the first woman at Palazzo Chigi by now; the second concerns the victory of a party that “has its roots in post-fascism” wrote the Washington Post. Finally, he noticed the Cnn, the victory of Giorgia Meloni offers the return of populism. Highlight the Cnn: “Her political platform will be familiar to all those who have followed the rhetoric of the far right in recent years: She (Meloni) openly questions LGBTQ + and abortion rights, aims to curb immigration and appears obsessed with ‘idea that traditional values ​​and way of life are under attack for a whole range of things from globalization to same-sex marriages ”.

Elections 2022, the country turns right. Giorgia Meloni: “Italy has chosen us and we will not betray it”. FdI first party, Lega collapse. Disappointment Pd, M5s third force


In addition to underlining that the happiest of this victory will be Steve Bannon, Trump’s guru and inspirer of an international of the far right, the Cnn he stresses that Meloni’s victory “emerges from the recent triumphs of the far right everywhere in Europe”. On Washington Post – the newspaper that a week ago had an exclusive interview with the leader of FdI – underlines the Italian epochal turning point and the risk of a consolidation of the illiberal rights in Europe. The reference is to Poland and Hungary. In an analysis entirely focused on the success of Meloni and the challenges that this poses to the country, there is space for a reflection on the good result of the Cinquestelle fueled by the defense of citizenship income.

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Il Wall Street Journal it even ennobles the victory of the center-right coalition by adding to the news from Italy a comment in which the Editorial Board (which embodies the line of the newspaper) highlights how “finally Italy has that right-wing government that it failed to form in 2018 “. Even the newspaper of the US economic world highlights the crux of relations with Brussels, underlining the weakness of the Italian public accounts, the debt first of all «reached 150% of GDP».

Il New York Times it guaranteed coverage from the first tier to the Italian vote to signify how much this has been followed in the political world and among analysts. The newspaper also highlighted the low turnout “in a country where participation is traditionally high”. So it’s no secret, New York Times of the “post-fascist” roots of FdI and explains that the formation of the government will still take time, letting his readers understand how the dynamics of the coalition and the Italian rituals in the composition of an executive are complex and long. Space, to highlight the extent of the vote, to the victory of FdI, also on Axios, the political site where for a few hours it was the main news. It is on New York Post, Conservative Journal of the Murdoch Galaxy. The American edition of Politicofinally, it has an unequivocal title: “Italy towards the right-most government since the time of Mussolini”.

The wait is now for the reaction from the White House.

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