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Message for the 57th World Social Communication Day: Speak from the heart, hold the truth in charity – Vatican News Vatican

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Message for the 57th World Social Communication Day: Speak from the heart, hold the truth in charity – Vatican News Vatican

In his message for the 57th World Social Communication Day, Pope Francis invited everyone to follow the example of Saint Francis Salle, Patron of Journalism, to swim against the current and support people’s desire for peace. The theme of this year’s World Social Communication Day announcement is: Speak with your heart and hold the truth in charity.

(Vatican News Network)On January 24, the feast day of St. Francis de Sales, patron saint of news, Pope Francis issued a message for the 57th World Social Communication Day. The theme is: Speak with your heart, in charity Hold fast to the truth (Ephesians 4:15). This year’s World Social Communication Day will be celebrated on Sunday, May 21 this year. In his message, the Pope not only instructs communicators, but also emphasizes that it is everyone’s responsibility to spread “from the heart and with open arms”.

This year’s bulletin follows the route of the previous years’ bulletins, continuing the theme of “come and see” and “listen” in previous years, and continues to explore the conditions for good communication. This time the Pope is talking about “speaking from the heart”. In fact, the heart urges us to accept, talk and share. The Pope calls it “heart-to-heart communication”. To accept others means “to speak after listening, to hold the truth in charity”.

“We should not be afraid to proclaim the truth, even though it may sometimes be unpleasant, but not to proclaim it in charity and with heart.  … A heart, by its beating, reveals the truth of our being and should therefore be appreciated Listening. This prompts the listener to adjust his own frequency so that he can hear the heartbeat of the other person within himself. This is how the miracle of encounter happens.”

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The Pope went on to cite the example of the experience of the disciples of Emmaus, calling the “mysterious traveler who talked with them on the road” the one who preached from the heart: he was the Lord Jesus Christ, who spoke with love in his heart and accompanied “their pain.” journey”, respecting the timing of their understanding.

“In a historic period of polarization and confrontation everywhere, the church community is unfortunately not immune. In these circumstances, it is not only the task of journalists but also of everyday people to promote communication ‘from the heart and with open arms’. personal responsibility. We are all called to seek and speak the truth and to act in charity.”

The Pope specifically exhorts Christians to “never speak evil words” and only speak words that benefit others. Kind words can soften and open even the hardest of hearts. This is the “soft power of love”. Kindness is indeed an antidote to “cruelty.” “The media world needs kindness, so that communication does not fuel resentment, provoke anger, and intensify conflicts. On the contrary, communication should help people maintain a critical spirit, always respectful, calmly reflect and interpret the situation we are in.”

Referring to Saint Francis Salle, the saint of the Church commemorated on the day and Patron of the News, the Pope pointed out that the saint “was mild-mannered, full of humanity, willing to talk patiently with everyone, especially with those who opposed him. , all this makes him a unique witness of God’s love”. In an age when communication is often exploited, the teaching of Saint Francis of Saint Francis is clearly swimming against the current.

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Returning to the theme of this World Social Communication Day, “Speak from the Heart”, the Pope said that this theme is also part of the process of the Synod of Bishops that the Church is going through. Listening to each other is the greatest gift we can give each other. How much we need language “in the style of God”, namely: closeness, mercy and tenderness.

The Pope thus expressed his dream, writing: “I dream that the Church’s propagation, led by the Holy Spirit, soft and prophetic, and capable of promoting in the third millennium the wonderful proclamation of her calling, Instead, find new forms and ways. May communication be centered on the relationship with God, with neighbor, and above all with those most in need.”

In the face of the current situation of global conflict, the Pope reiterated the need for “a dissemination without hostility” to promote “a culture of peace” that “strides beyond hatred and hostility”. The escalation of war that the world fears today must be curbed as soon as possible at the level of communication, because “discourse often turns into brutal and violent war actions.”

In his final message, the Pope stressed that everyone must strive to “find the right words” to build “a better civilization”. This is especially the responsibility of communicators, so the Pope begged the Lord to protect them in their work “holding the truth in charity”, thus helping us all to rediscover our fellowship as brothers and sisters and to feel that we have to protect each other.

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