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Messico, strong earthquake of magnitude 7.4 in Michoacán

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Messico, strong earthquake of magnitude 7.4 in Michoacán

A quake measuring 7.4 was felt today in Mexico, with its epicenter in Coalcomán, a municipality in the state of Michoacán, in central Mexico. This was announced by the National Seismological Center (CSN).

The quake, which occurred at 13.05 local time (20.05 Italian time) was clearly felt in the capital, Mexico City. The depth of the earthquake, according to the CSN, was 15 kilometers. The peculiarity of the earthquake was that just an hour earlier, remembering the strong earthquakes of 19 September of the years 1985 and 2017, the population of the capital had been asked to participate in an earthquake emergency simulation. The territorial services of Mexico City have communicated that, immediately after the earthquake, a review of the entire public transport network was carried out, which returned to work regularly, since damage to the infrastructures is excluded.

The National Coordination of Civil Protection of Mexico has ruled out the tsunami warning. “According to the bulletin of the Tsunami Warning Center of the Secretariat of the Navy”, following the earthquake “A generation of sea level changes is NOT expected due to the position of the epicenter”, wrote the Civil Protection on Twitter.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador reported that, as a result of the 7.4 magnitude earthquake, which struck Mexico, a person died in Manzanillo, a city on the Pacific coast in the state of Colima, due to a fence that fell in a shopping center. “Admiral José Rafael Ojeda Durán, Secretary of the Navy, informed me that a person died when a fence fell in a shopping center in Manzanillo, Colima,” the president wrote on Twitter, sharing a video in which speaks on the phone explaining what happened.

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President Obrador also reported that in Mexico City “there is no serious damage”, while in Coalcomán, the epicenter of the earthquake, and in the nearby areas of the state of Michoacan “there is only a report of material damage”. “I spoke to Claudia Sheinbaum, head of the government, and there is no serious damage in Mexico City,” the president wrote on Twitter. In a senior message, Lopez Obrador reported that he had “spoken with the governor of Michoacán, Alfredo Ramírez Bedolla, and there is only one report of material damage in Coalcomán, where the epicenter was, and in the surrounding areas”.

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