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Mexico Takes Steps to Address Growing Irregular Migration Flow

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Mexico Takes Steps to Address Growing Irregular Migration Flow

Mexico Takes Steps to Address Irregular Migration in Railway System

Mexico’s National Migration Institute (INM) is implementing measures to combat the increasing flow of irregular migration through the country’s railway system. This decision comes after discussions held during an Interinstitutional Meeting in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua on September 22.

As part of their commitment to addressing the issue, the INM has announced that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is engaged in diplomatic negotiations with the governments of Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela. The objective is to establish agreements with these countries for accepting return flights of undocumented migrants.

Furthermore, the INM has secured air and land transportation services, including charter flights, to relocate irregular migrants to different regions within Mexico. This measure aims to provide suitable care and assistance to migrants or, if necessary, repatriate them to their countries of origin.

One prominent aspect of these efforts is the protection and welfare of minors. The government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador, in collaboration with the Ciudad Juárez city council, is actively seeking suitable land to establish an open-door shelter. This facility will primarily focus on assisting family groups and minors.

According to recent reports, the INM has registered a total of 1,566,948 foreigners in an irregular situation within Mexico’s national territory from January 1 to October 3 of this year.

It is essential to note that Mexico’s actions are part of an agreement with the United States to strengthen the fight against illegal migration. This move coincides with the White House’s decision to expand the border wall in order to control the flow of undocumented individuals in the River Valley Bravo, Texas.

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The Mexican government’s proactive approach showcases its commitment to addressing irregular migration and finding humane solutions for migrants. By collaborating with other countries and providing relocation services, Mexico aims to ensure the well-being of migrants while also upholding its responsibilities as a nation.

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