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Mickie Krause makes an intimate confession: “Stood naked on stage”

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Mickie Krause makes an intimate confession: “Stood naked on stage”

Pop star Mickie Krause regularly conquers the hearts of his fans on the Ballermann with songs like “Schatzi schenk mir ein Foto” or the breakthrough hit “10 naked hairdressers”.

But now the musician reveals that he was once on stage for completely different things.

Schlagerstar let her guard down

Pop star Mickie Krause is known in her usual look – with fake hair and party sunglasses. It’s almost a miracle when you find him without everything – at least top and bottom.

Because now the entertainer revealed in a barrage of questions on the ZDF program “ Fernsehengarten ” that he has already let his guard down on stage.

Musician Mickie Krause answers questions in the “Mainzeltalk” session

But back to the beginning. Because the “Mainzeltalk”, in which Mickie Krause answers several questions from the “ Fernsehengarten”, initially begins with a harmless topic: “When was the last time you were awake for a week,” the station wants to know from the artist.

The question is based on his hit “A Week Awake”. But what the musician sings in his song does not correspond at all to the 53-year-old’s lifestyle. Nevertheless, he reveals that although he had many sleepless nights with his four children and was awake for two to three days as a teenager, he still hasn’t managed a whole week.

+++Mickie Krause blows fans away: “Ready for it?”+++

It continues with questions about forgotten song lyrics or tips on what not to do on Ballermann. In the last topic, however, Mickie Krause unpacks intimate details. “The craziest thing you’ve ever done for a shoot,” the entertainer has to answer.

Mickie Krause: “Stood naked on stage afterwards”

And then he starts shooting: “I stood on stage with seven men and was dressed as a fireman.”

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“And afterwards I stood naked on stage!” adds the pop singer.

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“But it’s all for a good cause, for ‘Showtime of my Life’,” the singer clarifies. In 2022, prominent men and women stripped on the show to raise awareness of cancer prevention. At that time, the singer was even diagnosed with bladder cancer during the show, but it was successfully operated on.

However, Mickie Krause wasn’t just to be found in the “TV Garden”. Because as the 53-year-old revealed on his Instagram channel, he also appeared as a guest on “The Big Hit Surprise,” which will be broadcast on Saturday evening on ARD at 8:15 p.m. But then again in the usual look with pants on.

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