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Midnight attack in Crimea, Russian ship “Sergey Kotov” seriously hit. She was the most avant-garde of the Russian corvettes

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Midnight attack in Crimea, Russian ship “Sergey Kotov” seriously hit.  She was the most avant-garde of the Russian corvettes

When – at the beginning of 2021 – the Russian corvette “Sergey Kotov” was launched, with a grandiose ceremony because it was supposed to be the jewel of the Russian corvettes on the Black Sea, during the ceremony the Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Navy Alexander Vitko said grandiloquently: «I am confident that the ship’s destiny will be fulfilled, and it will be successful. It cannot be otherwise.” The corvette became part of the Black Sea Fleet in July 2022. Rossiya 1 sounded the propaganda fanfares: «This is the most modern Russian patrol ship: the special design and coating make it practically invisible to enemy radars». The Russian Ministry of Defense, in the official presentation of the ship, described it as equipped with a crew of 60 people, capable of total autonomy at sea for at least two months, and full of radiotechnical and hydroacoustic weapons, and various electronic countermeasures to electronic warfare , plus a helicopter pad. This morning the ship was irreparably hit by Ukrainian Magura V5 maritime drones, and she most likely ceased to exist as a warship. The Crimean Bridge was closed to traffic all night.

Here is the moment shortly after midnight when Ukrainian drones explode in Crimea on the Russian corvette “Sergey Kotov”

Now this has also been confirmed by Ukrainian intelligence, which speaks of the destruction or irreparable damage to the Russian corvette “Sergey Kotov” (costing 65 million dollars). The operation was conducted by the GSD special unit “Group 13”. But the news had already been reported this morning at dawn by several telegram channels of the Russian ultranationalist Z galaxy. The corvette was the newest ship in the entire Black Sea Fleet.

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The first to report details were the channels “Belarusian Silovik” and “Two Majors”. The ship was attacked at night with missiles, drones and several other unmanned craft, which managed to hit the ship. The “Crimean Wind” telegram channel talks about at least five powerful explosions heard in Kerch after midnight. Telegram channel Pozdnyakov 3.0 published a video of a large explosion at the point corresponding to the ship’s latest geolocation. According to several Russian channels (and also according to Ukrainian intelligence), the “Sergei Kotov” suffered heavy damage on the stern, starboard and port side. In practice it happened. The Ukrainians had already tried three times, without success, in the three months of summer 2023. However, the versions regarding the fate of the crew are conflicting. According to some channels, there would be victims, The print is unable to independently confirm the news.

Corvette Sergey Kotov, this is how the 65 million dollar Russian ship was destroyed by Ukraine

The “Sergey Kotov” is (was) a very important ship from a military point of view. Capable of carrying one AK-176MA 76-millimeter artillery launcher, one Shtil-1 multi-channel anti-aircraft missile system, one 3M-47 “Gibka” short-range anti-aircraft missile system and two powered DP-65 small-scale riot control grenade launchers at a distance. A Ka-27PS helicopter can be based on the ship, take off and land.

To date, the Ukrainian armed forces have disabled at least 15 ships of the Russian fleet on the Black Sea, including the flagship of the fleet, the missile cruiser Moskva which sank in April 2022 (but also the large landing ship Novocherkassk, the missile ship Ivanovets and the large landing ship Caesar Kunikov). There are four more patrol ships in the Black Sea Fleet, and all corvettes are made according to the same design. The “Vasily Bykov”, put into service in 2018, the “Dmitry Rogachev” and the “Pavel Derzhavin”, launched into service in 2019 and 2020. It remains to be seen whether their destiny “will also be fulfilled, and they will be successful”.

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