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Migrant woman under the hood of the car | Info

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Migrant woman under the hood of the car |  Info

At the Gradina border crossing, an attempt to smuggle an illegal migrant woman who was hidden under the hood of a car was prevented, the Serbian Customs Administration announced.

Source: Ministry of Finance/Customs Administration

Customs officers are in cooperation with by the police on Friday March 24, 2023 prevented the attempt of an illegal immigrant to cross the border hidden under the hood of a car. The incident Gradina border crossing It happened during the evening in Ptak, when a “Peugeot 407” car with foreign license plates was pulled over.

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He was driving the vehicle foreign citizen (32) who stated that he had nothing to report, but the customs officers still decided to take a closer look at the vehicle. They opened the hood and were surprised by the scene in front of them – in the space between the radiator and the engine, there was a hidden woman.

The mentioned space is very risky because of the heat of the engine, as well as because of the cramped engine. It is assumed that this method of transporting illegal migrants is possible only on short sections of the road, sufficient to cross the border crossing. The found migrant woman, together with the driver and the car, was handed over to the police for further jurisdiction.

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