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Migrants, the call of 12 states to the EU: “Financing for border walls”

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The European clash on the management of migrants continues to hold ground. The meeting of the ministers of the interior of the 27 EU countries will be held today in Luxembourg which will address the issue of strengthening the external borders of the Union.

A heated meeting is expected given the letter that 12 countries (Austria, Cyprus, Denmark, Greece, Lithuania, Poland, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia and the Slovak Republic) have addressed to the European Commission and the rotating presidency of the EU Council. “We are asking for new tools to protect the EU’s external borders in the face of migratory flows, also with the European funding of fences and walls”.

The ministers of the interior of these 12 member countries are asking the European Commission to finance the construction of walls at the border to block the entry of migrants arriving mainly from Belarus. “Physical barriers seem to be an effective protective measure that serves the interests of the entire EU, not just the member countries of first arrival. This legitimate measure should be financed in an additional and adequate way through the EU budget as an urgent matter “, reads.

These states are therefore calling for tougher measures to stop migratory phenomena: “Rather than addressing later, the grave consequences of overloaded migration and asylum systems that ultimately negatively affect confidence in the ability to act decisively when needed.”

“At the same time – reads another passage in the document – these European solutions should aim at safeguarding the common asylum system by reducing the factors of attraction”.

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“We are convinced that it is more relevant and sustainable to focus proactively on greater border protection, common standards for the surveillance of external borders and the prevention of illegal crossings,” conclude the twelve leaders.

For the European Commissioner for Home Affairs, Ylva Johansson, “there are strong migratory pressures: we have Lukashenko’s aggression, an increase in arrivals across the Mediterranean, the Atlantic route and also an increase in secondary movements in the European Union, so we need to do progress on the Pact on Immigration and Asylum ».

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