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Mike Pompeo loses 40 kg, but controversy over the ‘do it yourself’ diet

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Over 40 kg in six months with DIY diet and exercise. It is the new Mike Pompeo who has been seen in the latest photos published after an interview with the New York Post. «I started exercising – said the former secretary of state, 58 – not every day but almost every day and eating right. The weight has started to go away ».

Pompeo explained that in June 2021, when he stepped on the scales he noticed for the first time that he was only a few kilos missing to reach 136 kg (300 lbs). “The next day – he continued – I got up and said to my wife, ‘Susan, today is the day'”. He then invested in a small home gym with weights and an elliptical. “I’ve been trying to exercise five to six times a week for about half an hour. I had no trainer, no dietician, it was just me “- he stressed. But his diet is being discussed, with some American media doubting that the former secretary of state, and former director of the CIA, could truly have lost weight so much and in such a short time without the help of specialists.

Pompeo also explained that the weight gain began when he was elected to Congress in 2010. Furthermore, when he was Secretary of State under the Trump administration he was forced to long intercontinental travel and non-stop working hours. Eventually he found himself eating hamburgers, high-calorie carbohydrates and sweets. Now he does not give up the pleasures of the table but with healthier options and moderation. Weight loss could also be ahead of a 2024 candidacy. But the former secretary of state is denying it for now.

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