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Milei took office as president of Argentina

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Milei took office as president of Argentina

Javier Milei, an ultra-liberal and far-right economist, took office on Sunday as the new president of Argentina, with a ceremony in front of parliament in Buenos Aires, the capital, attended by thousands of his supporters.

Milei had won the presidential election run-off last month against the current Economy Minister Sergio Massa, of the centre-left, obtaining over 55 percent of the votes (around 14 million). As the new president of Argentina he has taken the place of Alberto Fernández, from the centre-left: he has a four-year mandate.

In his inauguration speech Milei announced the beginning of a “new era” for Argentina and the end of a “long and sad history of decadence and decline”. Referring to the serious economic and financial crisis in which the country finds itself, she has accused the outgoing government of having “ruined” the lives of Argentines by dragging them to the brink of the “deepest crisis in our history”, and promised to undertake “the path of reconstruction”.

Milei arrived in front of the Argentine parliament accompanied by his younger sister Karina, who coordinated his election campaign. Other heads of state and several far-right leaders were present at the ceremony, including former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, the leader of the Spanish Vox party, Santiago Abascal, and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

Upon his arrival, during and after the oath, Milei was acclaimed by thousands of supporters, many of whom were present with the symbols that characterized his excessive, unconventional and theatrical electoral campaign: inflatable lions, banners with drawn lions and enormous placards in the shape of dollar with Milei’s face, in reference to his proposal to fight inflation and the devaluation of the Argentine peso withdollarization, the abandonment of the national currency in favor of the dollar.

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Milei is 53 years old and has come to dominate Argentine politics with a rapid political rise characterized by extreme and excessive positions for which he was defined an “anti-establishment fury”. In addition todollarisation, he has proposed privatizing healthcare and education and has said on several occasions that he wants to “burn the Argentine Central Bank”.

During his electoral campaign, characterized by highly populist rhetoric and gestures, Milei had dealt mainly with economic issues but had extended his extreme positions to other areas as well: he had said he was strongly against abortion and prenatal diagnoses, but in favor at the sale of organs, calling it “an additional market” and an “economic resource” that someone may be forced to access. Close to the second round of voting he had softened his positions, probably to try to gather more support among center voters.

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