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Miley Cyrus, critic of her album Endless summer vacation (2023)

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Miley Cyrus, critic of her album Endless summer vacation (2023)

It rarely happens that the obvious is the prelude to the profound. Usually, the obvious remains in… obvious. Here’s one of the few times it’s not: “Endless Summer Vacation” it’s one of those juggling discs of deceit. Title, cover and first track, the single “Summer”, are pure frivolity and then the magic arrives.

The packaging doesn’t match the wonder it contains: you don’t have to wait more than three minutes to discover the jazzy fantasy of “Rose colored lenses”, the AOR on guitars a la Natalie Imbruglia of “Thousand miles” (with Brandi Carlile) or the indisputable “You”, plausible soundtrack, for many reasons, of “To Leslie” (2023). A story, that of the film and that of the album, that coincide in the unfortunate, the nostalgic and the mundane: the great American.

The life of Miley Cyrus it’s almost as dramatic a film as Michael Morris’s: child star, pop icon, flat-out, and, after a long time, respected artist. This last journey already began in 2020 with “Plastic Hearts”. But to date it had not been able to issue such a robust, complete and empowered product. And with only thirty years; no one would refuse to affirm that many more have appeared.

The evolution of the Tennessee is spectacular. How long ago “Wrecking Ball”? It doesn’t do that much. One of each. Living long is also having a lot to tell.“Endless Summer Vacation” It is the fight of a star to vindicate himself. Based on a disk of disks. A shared and highly varied production with Kid Harpoon, Greg Kurstin or – there are up to a dozen names in total – Tyler Johnson.

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Dance music, rock, obviously pop (on the equator is “River”, a song that will provide good moments live, in encores). And very rare things like “Muddy feet” which, being a collaboration with Sia, brings her closer to Patti Smith in the chorus.

“Wildcard” shows that it is a very sustained length in the voice, a very country way, it comes from home (his father is the musician Billy Ray Cyrus) the movement, and that he goes to the hair to talk about heartbreak. Her throat breaks so bad. The letters suffer. The end of her spits out her new role: “Wonder Woman”. And the album, like her life, is one of comings and goings, closing with a great rest, “Flowers (demo)”.

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