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Miljana Kulić performance | Fun

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Miljana Kulić performance |  Fun

Miljana Kulić continued with her series of performances, and new videos set social networks on fire.

Source: Instagram/miljana_kulic_official/printscreen

After the first performance and show program she made in Croatia where she mixed barefoot in a mini dress, crawled, Kulić also scheduled a stall in Austria. It was rumored that she took 5,000 euros for a guest appearance at a club in Linz, and now the recordings have surfaced. By the way, Miljana’s performance is called “Mix Show” and lasts 45 minutes.

She sings songs of famous singers. She recently covered Mina Kostić’s track “Seksi robot”, which she also performed in the reality show. She also recorded Stoja’s song “Idi mami, pa se žala”, as well as a cover for the track “Wild dances” by Ruslana. She even came up with choreography, so she spins like a tern on stage, jumps, crawls… The comments on the networks are numerous, many don’t even believe what they are seeing, and now a source from the scene revealed what it was like at Miljana’s performance.

“Miksi created a general commotion in the club, she danced, twerked, went down into the audience to take pictures and was really happy. Marija stood by the stage the whole time and watched Miljana’s behavior, while Bebica from the audience filmed everything with a mobile phone. When finished the performance, Miksi stayed to hang out and hang out in the booth with her mother and boyfriend until the early hours of the morning,” explains a source who happened to be on the scene.

Watch the video from the performance in Croatia:


Miljana Kulić in Zagreb
Source: Instagram/miljana_kulic_official

Source: Instagram/miljana_kulic_official

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