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Millionaires referees vs. Junior went to blows at halftime, according to a journalist who was in El Campín

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Millionaires referees vs.  Junior went to blows at halftime, according to a journalist who was in El Campín

Referee Jorge Duarte was the one singled out for the poor job done in the match between Millonarios and Junior de Barranquilla – credit Colprensa

In the controversial soccer match where Millonarios won 3-2 against Junior in El Campín, Jorge Duarte’s refereeing has been strongly questioned, even inciting a protest from Junior’s players.

This fact has sparked numerous negative comments regarding his performance on the field of play, especially prior to the home team’s first goal. The controversy did not wait because according to rumors, he got into a fight with his assistant at halftime.

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A physical altercation was reported between Duarte and Ortiz in the interval towards the locker room, which adds another layer of controversy to the refereeing management in this crucial match. Some journalists reviewed the fight and stated that there were “hits” and others “Pushes.”

“The line judge and central referee Duarte started pushing and shoving at halftime. The lineman alleged that he had raised the flag for the foul on Edwin Herrera, an action that the center-back ignored and led to Millonarios’ goal,” José Jiménez Rincón stated in his X account.

Report of fight between referees of the match between Millonarios and Junior de Barranquilla – credit

Duarte’s situation will have to be analyzed, but surely the leaders of the Colombian refereeing will already have an answer to all the problems that arose due to the poor refereeing of the match.

Didier Moreno, captain of the affected team, criticized the main referee’s attitude, suggesting arrogance and a refusal to recognize a foul called by linesman Richard Ortiz.

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The dispute began when an infringement by Leonardo Castro on Edwin Herrera was ignored, which led to Millonarios’ first goal. Despite Ortiz’s clear foul call, Duarte chose to dismiss the observation and allow the game to continue, triggering the first goal and a series of protests from Junior’s team.

Millonarios beat Junior de Barranquilla 3 – 2 and continues to hope to qualify for the best eight in Colombia – credit Dimayor

Jorge Duarte, with nearly a decade of experience in the first division and recent notable continuity since 2022, has been at the center of controversy not only for questionable decisions on the field but also for being assigned to a highly relevant match without have the status of international arbitrator.

This fact has raised questions about his selection to direct a meeting of such magnitude, especially considering direct history with the Junior team in competitions in the same semester.

The central judge Jorge Duarte has more than ten years of experience – credit Álvaro Tavera / Colprensa

The statements of those involved, such as the Junior coach, Arturo Reyes, who expressed his frustration, not because of the validity of the goal, but because of the omission of the previous foul, show the level of disagreement regarding the refereeing.

This situation places the Colombian football administration and refereeing authorities in a position where a review and possibly corrective measures are required to ensure fairness and transparency in future matches.

The party remained in favor of Millonarios, but the protests reached different levels, leaving a press conference with a moment in which Didier Moreno decided to express nonconformity on behalf of the entire group and assured that “It is not right” that these continue to happen. things.

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Junior from Barranquilla made up one of the best rosters in Colombian football in 2024 – Colprensa credit

This protest is made in a context of desperation on the part of the players and the constant failures that arbitration has been presenting in recent years, leading to scenes that Colombian soccer fans will forget.

The authorities of Colombian professional football will have to make a statement. as well as the arbitration commission headed by Ímer Machado, to clarify why the referees’ errors are justified and the corresponding decisions are not made.

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