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Miloš Biković on Zorica Brunclik and the South Wind | Entertainment

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Miloš Biković on Zorica Brunclik and the South Wind |  Entertainment

The main actor of “South Wind”, Miloš Biković, revealed that he would like to see Zorica Brunclik in the continuation of the hit series, and here is how the singer reacted to it.

Source: Mondo/Goran Sivački/Kurir TV screenshot/YouTube/Movieclips

For the most famous “guardian of the beach”, Pamela Anderson, interest does not subside, especially in our country, after it was rumored that she should star in the third season of “South Wind”. However, Miloš Biković points out that he “doesn’t know what Pamela would play in ‘South Wind'”, and that he advocates that the legendary singer be found in the new episodes!

The popular Maraš wants Zorica Brunclik as a partner in the series – “With all due respect to Pamela Anderson, but I don’t see what she could play in ‘South Wind’. From the first part of the series, I advocated that they hire the singer Zorica Brunclik. I even came up with a role for her, I wanted her to play a petty dealer“, said Biković, but he did not reveal why the singer has not yet received the role.

Zorica Brunclik found out about this “offer” through the media – “I did not understand Biković’s statement, so I have no comment“, the singer said shortly.

The singer who recorded numerous hits 40 years ago tried her hand as an actress. She played herself in “Žika’s Dynasty” and sang the hit “A tebe nema”. The golden dress she wore in the film was recently worn by her youngest daughter Zlata at a public event.

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“Of course it suits her better because she is more handsome and beautiful. Mom was as thin as a stick then,” the singer said with a smile.


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