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Minister Cúneo Libarona anticipated that he has two other “super Inadi” in his sights

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Minister Cúneo Libarona anticipated that he has two other “super Inadi” in his sights

Mariano Cúneo Libarona, Minister of Justice (Photo: Franco Fafasuli)

The Minister of Justice, Mariano Cúneo Libarona, assured that he will continue with the adjustment policy after the closure of Inadi and anticipated that he has his eye on two organizations much larger than the anti-corruption office, although he avoided specifying which ones they are because they are located being investigated.

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“I have two other tremendous cases that are under audit and we are going to end up in Court, they are two super Inadi,” said the official in dialogue with Eduardo Feinmann on Miter radio.

Unlike Inadi, whose closure was decreed because it was considered a plant of excessive public spending and poor efficiency in its work, these two new offices that are being observed by Cúneo Libarona could be denounced for property fraud and diversion of state money, he pointed out.

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The minister explained that there will be no law to dismantle Inadi, but that they will form a new and suitable plant much more limited than the current one that will be established in the Ministry of Justice and will do the task “much better.”

“Inadi has 416 employees, the number exceeds all the personnel that the Capital Investigative Justice has to investigate robberies and homicides. Nor does it fulfill its function, which is to attack discrimination. So, the decision is appropriate: it is closed,” explained Cúneo Libarona.

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And he elaborated: “Your tasks will continue but better done, I made a complaint protocol with deadlines, conciliation, a request for forgiveness and at the end of the road federal Justice appears, because this is a crime, something that did not happen before” .

The organization had been created in 1995 by former president Carlos Menem, after the sanction of Law 24,515, and began operating two years later, in 1997. At that time, the journalist and documentary filmmaker Víctor Ramos was in charge of directing it.

In 2000, his intervention was ordered for the first time and Eugenio Zaffaroni was appointed in charge of the regularization of the institute, years before he had a place in the Supreme Court. Already during Kirchnerism, María José Lubertino and the actor Claudio Morgado passed through its leadership.

In 2011, Cristina Kirchner once again ordered the intervention of INADI, a status that was maintained to this day. From that moment on, Pedro Mouratian, Javier Buján, Claudio Presman, Victoria Donda, Greta Marisa Pena and María de los Ángeles Quiroga, appointed this week by Milei with the aim of closing the office, succeeded one another as interveners.

Although it was not a central issue of his electoral campaign, Milei had already anticipated his idea of ​​closing Inadi quite some time ago. In fact, she said it during an interview with the TN channel in October 2022, when she questioned the manual that the institute published in those days with recommendations for journalists who were going to cover the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

After Adorni’s announcement this Thursday, the president made reference to the announcement of the closure of Inadi from his the buying and selling of dollars.

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Liberal legislator Ramiro Marra also denounced that the organization was also used to persecute opponents. “Personally, they filed a complaint against me for saying on TV that the picketers were criminals and should go to prison,” he explained.

Currently, Inadi has 400 employees and 43 delegations throughout Argentina. It manages $1,150,770,524, as arising from the 2023 Budget (the budget for this year has not yet been voted on).

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