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Mirjana Antonović and Miroslav Ilić new hearing | Fun

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Mirjana Antonović and Miroslav Ilić new hearing |  Fun

Mirjana Antonović is ready for a new confrontation with Miroslav Ilić, and before her trip to Belgrade, she announced herself and sent a message.

Source: ATA Images / Antonio Ahel

Mirjana has now announced that she will start the whole case again and that she will not give up on proving that Miroslav Ilić is the father of her son Devin Antonović. She is starting her trip across the ocean already on Monday, and she announced it on social networks.

“On Monday to Belgrade. I would like to go one day without any obligations. All this, together with Miroslava, is a mockery of the judiciary and the entire nation. Miroslav said in the media ‘we will joke‘. I don’t know what that means to him, but it sounds ugly to me. He is quarreling with his own son” Mirjana said with a selfie on Instagram.

The story came to the public when Mirjana Antonović wanted to seek justice in court and, as she told several times, Devin was born out of love with her while Mirjana Ilić was on tour in America, when they were madly in love with each other.

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Read it what did the singer mean when he said “we’ll be joking”.

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