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Mirka Federer’s feet shock the Internet

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Mirka Federer’s feet shock the Internet

Published5. March 2024, 10:58

On vacation with Roger Federer: ‘What’s going on?’ Fans surprised by Mirka’s feet

Roger Federer posted photos of his vacation in Thailand on Instagram. Many followers wonder about his wife’s feet.


Mirka and Roger Federer are on vacation in Thailand. A seemingly completely normal cliché.


Mirka Federer is preparing to break the silence. After ten years without giving an interview, the wife of the tennis legend will speak in a documentary on the end of the career of the man with 20 Grand Slam titles. This report will be released this summer on Amazon. “It is very personal,” summarized “RF” to the Bloomberg media channel. I never let anyone into my house.”

But currently, it is the feet of Roger Federer’s wife that are shaking the Web, after a photo of the couple posted on social networks during their vacation in Thailand. “Did you get his permission to put it on Instagram,” asks a follower in a comment on the photo? “Duh” – accompanied by a smiling smiley – replies Roger Federer enigmatically.

“Alien feet?”

At first glance unspectacular, the image of vacationers is the subject of lively discussion in the comments. “What’s wrong with her feet?” asked one fan. “Are those alien feet?” adds another. Many people wonder why the 45-year-old’s feet seem unusually large.

But zooming in on Mirka’s feet, we notice that her feet have a very strange shape.


Has the photo been retouched? It’s a hypothesis. Indeed, in other photos where we see Mirka’s feet, they do not have this shape. But hands and feet represent a big challenge, even for image generators equipped with artificial intelligence (AI). This is explained by the complexity of the anatomy of the body’s extremities, which vary greatly from one person to another, making them difficult to process by AI.

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Roger Federer seems to be enjoying his retirement.



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