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Mirotic received an offer from Monaco Sport

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Mirotic received an offer from Monaco  Sport

It is rumored that Nikola Mirotic could leave Barcelona and move to the Principality.

Source: MN PRESS

After another season in which Sarunas Jasikevičius, the coach with the biggest budget and the best team, did not win the Euroleague cup, Barcelona decided to “tighten their belts”. They assessed in Barcelona that the problem is in Nikola Mirotic, who disappointed in the final four, so they told him to agree to a 50 percent salary reduction or to look for a new environment, and it seems that the news travels quickly since it didn’t take long for him to they travel to Monaco.

The Greek media reports that it is Mirotic received an offer from Kneževina and that he could strengthen Saša Obradović’s club. For now, there is no information on how lucrative the offer is, but it is believed to be the approximate salary that Mirotic receives in Barcelona ($5 million per year).

In the meantime, information appeared that Monaco will form two teams – one for the championship and the other for the Euroleague – while the departure of Mike James, who, despite all his basketball qualities, has a problematic character and is quarrelsome towards coaches and players is also being considered. Also, he has one of the highest salaries in the Euroleague ($2 million), and Monaco would prefer to redirect that to Mirotic.

Also, it is mentioned that Monaco could part with Saša Obradović this summer even though he led them to the third place in the Euroleague (with a victory over Barcelona in the final four), so he wouldn’t even welcome Mirotic to the club. His replacement could be Pasquale, Trinkieri… Interestingly, Pasquale is also mentioned as a potential successor to Jasikevicius in Barcelona.

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