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Mirror of the times, the letters of 8 March

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Mirror of the times, the letters of 8 March

A reader writes:

«I would like to point out the figure of an inspector of cultural heritage who during the last war saved the works of art of Piedmont, Valle d’Aosta and Liguria under the bombings. It is Noemi Gabrielli who, perhaps as a woman, has not been recognized enough for these merits of her. The masterpieces of the Galleria Sabauda and of the churches were hospitalized in a castle in the Modena Apennines, but when this became the theater of war Gabrielli accompanied the trucks with her works to Isola Bella, with a serious risk of life. “With the approach of the women’s day, and in these dramatic days when the war has returned to Europe, it seems right to remember a courageous woman to whom we owe the salvation of our artistic and cultural heritage”.

Maria Grazia Ferrara

A reader writes:

“In these days we are listening to the increasingly frequent interviews with Minister Di Maio, who seems to have taken on a new aplomb. The fact is that we have no idea from him of precise Italian actions. «He It seems we are dealing with a special envoy, who reports to us on European and international trends and positions. We don’t need another reporter. We need a Foreign Minister! ».

L. M.

A reader writes:

«The beautiful and historic Boncompagni school in via Vidua, in San Donato, is falling apart and has been waiting to be refurbished for more than ten years, but there is no money. No renovation of the external facade, no seismic adaptation and energy efficiency. There is no money! However, there is plenty of money to intervene by redeveloping many condominiums, mostly located in the most elegant districts of the city, which in this way will benefit from a further increase in value for free. It would not have been better to dedicate the numerous bonuses, in particular the 110, to schools, hospitals and the numerous public buildings, which are goods that can be used by the whole community, thus allowing to give a strong boost to the construction sector. ? ”

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She B.

A reader writes:

«I ask that the hours of the Turin Metro be extended on Friday and Saturday evenings from the current closing at midnight to at least one, one and a half, returning to the pre-pandemic times. In addition, it is not clear why on Monday evening, the only one in the world, the Turin Metro closes at 9 pm ».


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