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Miseries of my land – Zone 11

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Miseries of my land – Zone 11

I saw my land in intense commotion fearing its fatigue
And the scoundrels destroy the sober gestures of our ancestors;
I saw my land in the filthy chaos where its intrigue languishes,
When its resources are plundered and will disappear shortly.

I saw my land sink into too rapid mechanization
Infiltrated by large groups with perfidious designs;
I saw my land in a new era of hybrid plants,
Established by these greedy-minded giants.

Glyphosate and polluting fertilizers are stuffed into it
She is suffocated by giving in to transgenic gestures that modify her;
Mistreating its denatured precious and invigorating substance,
She sinks into the burden of intense cultures which asphyxiate her.

Deleterious laws giving it exaggerated missions
She has no other choice than to satisfy relentless productions;
Impossible to glean respect from this frightening capitalist issue,
My land has no future other than its texture damaged by dominant actors.

My worn earth shudders at the idea of ​​its future salvation
When filthy methods conjure its natural attributes;
They know how to use their unusual techniques,
Who reduce her to a servant sacrificed on their altar.

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