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Missing child, sixth day without Kata. Carabinieri at the former Astor in a garage, two women questioned in the prosecutor’s office

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Missing child, sixth day without Kata.  Carabinieri at the former Astor in a garage, two women questioned in the prosecutor’s office
11:56 Two women in the prosecutor’s office Two women are heard in the prosecutor’s office in the context of the disappearance of the child. They both live all’ex hotel Astor. They were put in a public prosecutor’s car. 11:57 There are no suspects There are currently no suspects in the disappearance of the little girl Say. The police report it. The investigations continue in a tight manner. 11:58 Parents away from the former hotel Kata’s parents and uncle’s family, they won’t come back, for now, at the former Astor hotel. As far as we know, they have been relocated in receptionby the social services of the municipality. 12:28 The anonymous phone call A new anonymous call is screened. It would have been received from the mother. She felt like a little girl crying. The woman felt ill after that call. Read the article 14:03 Take the two women back to the ex Astor They have been take them back in the former occupied hotel the two women taken shortly after 11 by the carabinieri investigators. After about an hour and a half she came back, first, the young Peruvian girl. About half an hour later the woman of Romanian origin also returned to the building, accompanied by car by the carabinieri. No one has made any statements. 15:25 A geneticist was appointed for Kata’s DNA The power of attorney of

Florence named Hugh Riccigeneticist of the Institute of forensic medicine of Careggi, to extract the DNA from the toothbrush and the comb of Say. The little girl’s personal belongings had been taken yesterday by the carabinieri during an inspection of the former hotel of via Maragliano illegally occupied since September 2022. Ricci was recently commissioned to carry out the checks relating to the DNA for the murder in Pisa of the psychiatry Barbara Capovania former patient of the doctor is accused of it, Gianluca Paul Seung.

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15:26 Who is the geneticist Ricci Among the geneticist’s other assignments for the Florentine prosecutor’s office Riccithe one related to the case of the human remains found in December 2020 in 4 abandoned suitcases on the outskirts of Firenze: the comparisons made by the geneticist led to the confirmation that they were Shpetim and Teuta Pasho, husband and wife aged 54 and 52, who have been missing since 2015. 16:45 Who manages the “rentals” of the former Astor? Many questions about the disappearance of Kata. Who receives the money from the so-called abusive “rent” of the rooms all’ex Astor? Is it the Peruvian community asking for the money or someone else? This is one of the questions regarding the mystery of the disappearance of the little girl. 16:46 Who are the adults in Kata’s footage? We need to understand who the two adults seen in the film are of the cameras which briefly frame Kata before the disappearance. Are they all occupants? 16:48 What escape route for the kidnappers? The escape route of the alleged kidnappers was dai garage at the rear of the Astor’s courtyard? Have they passed through via Monteverdi? Or is ata still in the hotel? 16:55 A moment of prayer A prayer for the little girl is scheduled at 5pm in the church which is right next to theex hotel. 17:27 The mystery of the call to mother The mystery of the call to the mother of the little girl made on Thursday continues. In the anonymous phone call you heard a little girl crying. AND’ Say? Does anyone want to establish contact with the family? The phone call is being investigated by investigators. 18:24 The parish prays for Kata A prayer “for Kata, so that he can go back to his mother”. This is what was done in the Church of the Precious Blood, which is located in via Boccherini not far from the former occupied hotel from which the 5-year-old girl disappeared, of whom there has been no news for almost a week. Before the prayer, the parish priest explained that the parish “has responded to the call of Cardinal Betori» who asked to pray for the child’s return. “Let’s say a prayer – she explains – and then the mass for Kata so that she can go back to her mother”. Speaking of the Peruvian community in the neighborhood, the religious explains that “there are loyal Peruvians who get married here, participate in the life of the parish, are interested, I don’t know if they are the ones” who also live inside the occupied building “but there are many Peruvians in the neighborhood. They come here, someone takes the food package once a month, they bring their children to be baptized. They are part of the parish.” 19:24 Carabinieri in the courtyard adjacent to the Astor
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Two special vehicles of the carabinieri, with service personnel on board, arrived around 18.45 in via Boccherini and entered the courtyard adjacent to the former Astor hotel. The vehicles were parked and the military got off taking up positions in the courtyard behind the buildings for what appears to be a new activity arranged in the investigation into the research of little Kata

19:30 Searches in a garage

According to what has been learned, the carabinieri search one of the garages, which is in a state of profound abandonment and dirt. The inspection is in the same area already examined in recent days, but would now concern an enclosed space that is dirtier than the others.

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