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MLS 2024 Results: Messi Makes One Assist & Goal, Inter Miami Comeback Vs Sporting KC

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MLS 2024 Results: Messi Makes One Assist & Goal, Inter Miami Comeback Vs Sporting KC

Bola.net – Argentinian superstar, Lionel Messi, led Inter Miami to perform comeback when dueling against Sporting KC, Sunday (14/04/2024) morning WIB.

This match is not easy for Inter Miami. They fell behind earlier in the match.

Sporting KC’s goals were scored by Erik Thommy. Meanwhile, Inter Miami’s goals were scored by Diogo Gomez, Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez.

This result made Inter score 15 points from nine matches. They are at the top of the Eastern Conference standings.

Read the match report below Bolaneters.

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First Round Sporting KC vs Inter Miami

The match started interestingly. Both teams attacked each other.

In the sixth minute, a goal was immediately scored. Sporting stole the ball in the middle of the field and from there, Erik Thommy was able to score with a hard shot from the right halfspace in the penalty box. 1-0!

However, Inter Miami was then able to equalize the score in the 18th minute. Gomez broke into Sporting’s goal with a shot from inside the penalty box. He previously received a breakthrough pass from Messi which split the host’s defense. 1-1!

After that Sporting tried to control the course of the match. As a result, Inter Miami had difficulty rolling the ball forward. Messi even had to go all the way down to look for the ball.

In the 40th minute, Messi had the opportunity to break into the hosts’ goal with a free shot from outside the penalty box. However, the ball narrowly slipped to the side of the goal.

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In the end no more goals were scored. Sporting KC 1-1 Inter Miami.

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Second Half Sporting KC vs Inter Miami

In the second half, Sporting KC tried to attack Inter Miami first. But Inter Miami also doesn’t want to lose.

Inter Miami even managed to score first. This time it was Messi’s turn to get his name on the scoreboard. From a distance of around 22 meters, La Pulga fired hard into the top left corner of Sporting’s goal. 1-2!

However, this advantage did not last long. In the 58th minute Sporting KC were able to equalize the score. Erik Thommy found the net again for Inter Miami. This time he fired a volley from inside the penalty box, welcoming the ball from a corner kick which bounced after being blocked by Inter’s back line. 2-2!

After that Inter Miami tried to reduce the tempo of the game. Their efforts paid off. In the 71st minute they scored the third goal through Luis Suarez. Initially Jake David was able to steal the ball on the right side of the Sporting penalty box and enter the penalty box. He then gave Suarez a flat pass to the far post. 2-3!

In the 76th minute Inter Miami broke out in cold sweat. Because Jordi Alba collapsed. He seems to be having problems with his hamstring. The Spanish defender was finally pulled off the field.

After that the two teams were still trying to attack each other. But no additional goals were created. Sporting KC was hit by Inter Miami’s comeback 2-3.

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Sporting KC: Tim Melia; Jacoby Davis, Daniel Rosero, Andreu Fontas, Tim Leibold, Remi Walter, Nemanja Radoja, Erik Thommy, Alan Pulido, Daniel Salloi, William Agada

Coach: Peter Vermes

Inter Miami: Drake Callender; Marcelo Weigandt, Tomas Aviles, Nicolás Freire, Jordi Alba, Julian Gressel, Sergio Busquets, David Ruiz, Diego Gómez, Luis Suarez, Lionel Messi

Coach: Gerardo Martino

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