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Molde FK 3–2 against Legia Warsaw in the round of 16 of the Conference League goals by Fredrik Gulbrandsen – NRK Møre og Romsdal – Local news, TV and radio

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Molde FK 3–2 against Legia Warsaw in the round of 16 of the Conference League goals by Fredrik Gulbrandsen – NRK Møre og Romsdal – Local news, TV and radio

Molde FK beat Legia Warszawa 3–2 in the first match at home in the 16th round of the series league. Fredrik Gulbrandsen scored two goals, against the club he was sent off against in his Molde debut 11 years ago.

The home team was the best in most of the first half on the cool artificial grass at Aker Stadion, and led 3–0 at the break. Markus André Kaasa scored the third goal for the blue shirts.

In the second half, the Polish big team responded when Molde went down. With two goals to Legia, it will be a demanding task for MFK in the return next Thursday.

– This is… sad. It doesn’t feel like a victory, substitute Molde stopper Kristoffer Haugen told Viaplay.

Center stopper Andreas Hagelskjær given up after new Legia reduction.

Photo: NTB

Magnificent football

Molde’s first goal came after a brilliant attack after 12 minutes. Captain Wolff Eikrem sent a magnificent ball through to the right where Linnes came running, and in front of the goal Gulbrandsen sent the ball into the goal.

Seven minutes later, the Legia goalkeeper roared a shot from Kaasa right in the middle of the goal. Gulbrandsen was at work and made it 2-0 on the return.

After 24 minutes it was 3-0 when Eikrem sent a ball directly up to Kristian Eriksen, who fought it with him before finding Kaasa 20 meters away. Telemarkingen dribbled free with a nice pull, and sent the ball hard down to the left from 15 metres.

Three goals in 12 minutes!

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For a long time it looked like a huge party for the Molde players.

Photo: Svein Ove Ekornesvåg / NTB

Molde had several good chances, before Legia got involved in the match in the second half.

The Poles made four substitutions at half-time.

– Players of a completely different class came in, Molde were eventually lucky not to get more at the back, said NRK expert Åge Hareide after the match.

– I think we were a bit cowardly in the second half. We start to hide and cannot find the combinations we have in the first half, said Molde player Kristoffer Haugen.

It could be reminiscent of the previous blow Molde had in Europe, when Qarabag sent them out of the Europa League four minutes into extra time in November.

Gulbrandsen revenge

It was the summer of 2013 that Molde met Legia Warszawa in the Meisterliga qualifiers. Fredrik Gulbrandsen had a terrible start to his Molde career when he was sent off after two yellow cards.

The last came after he hit his arm in despair, after an incorrect wave for offside. Since then he has lifted several trophies for MFK, before the trip went to both Salzburg, New York and Turkey.

In the autumn, Gulbrandsen was back in the Molde jersey, and quickly distinguished himself by deciding the cup final against Bodø/Glimt.

Today he sent the Romsdal team one step closer to the round of 16 in the league.

It happened for a Molde that had three out of five central defenders out with injury.

– The starting point is better than it was before the match, we lead by one goal, so we should have good chances in Poland, Fredrik Gulbrandsen told NRK after the match.

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Gulbrandsen and Møller Dæhli had 45 brilliant minutes in the European Cup

Photo: NTB

Dæhli back in Europe

Molde made it to the league after finishing third in the Europa League group stage, in a group with impressive Bayer Leverkusen, Qarabag and Häcken.

The match was also a comeback for Mats Møller Dæhli, both for Molde and in European football. In recent years, he has played in English, German and Belgian football, but has not been able to experience the European Cup for over ten years.

United talent Mats Møller Dæhli played 15 games for Molde FK, before Solskjær took him with him in his luggage to Cardiff. He won the cup final against RBK in 2013.

Photo: Vegard Grøtt / NTB

Dæhli was also there (on the bench) when Molde met Legia Warsaw in 2013.

– I remember it very well, I remember the fans in particular. It was a crazy print, and it really impressed me. So I know it’s a big club we meet, said the midfielder before the match.

– What significance did Europe have for the choice you made when you returned to Molde?

– It is clear that it was part of the election. I know that there are opportunities to do well in the secret league and qualify for Europe. The knock-out round in the league is great fun, said Dæhli.

On the eve of the match, he limped off the pitch with a leg cramp.

– It’s going well. This was a new role for me, and very fun to play when things flow here. We had taken this result before the match, said Møller Dæhli to NRK.

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The stands were less than half full.

Photo: Roar Jonny Strøm / NRK

Little extras

Flaumlys and the European Cup should attract most people, but there was something missing in the stands at Aker Stadion.

Several NRK spoke pointing to high ticket prices, of NOK 400-500 for a winter evening outside the Norwegian season.

It was also demanding for supporters due to sanctions against Legia. The Molde fans had to show ID to let in, as UEFA refused the Polish away fans entry. The reason was a violent clash with the police when Legia met Aston Villa away in November.

It was still clear that over a hundred Legia fans had got in, and a banner with Legia Ultras fluttered under the big screen.

Photo: Roar Jonny Strøm / NRK

Glissent is unlikely to be in the return match. Legia Warszawa has already sold out the Wojska Polskiego stadium, which takes as much as 31,800 additional dollars.

The “Ultras” stand in the Polish capital will then be filled with children under the age of 14, just like when MFK met Partizan in Belgrade in 2019.

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